Xbox One Controller VS Logitech F710 Controller For PC

Xbox One Wireless Controller  VS Logitech Gamepad F710 for PC

Hello everyone for many years’ people can not decide which controller is best to use for PC most people are saying that it is older controllers but why not the new controllers.

Choice that I would pick

I believe that it could be either Xbox one controller or the Logitech F710. Both of them are nice and big so your hands can fit over them but the Logitech F710 makes it so that you can fit your fingers under Neath the triggers.

Logitech F710

The Logitech controller used to be like the PS2 and Xbox controller but now they have changed the design of them and made them so they were half PS3 and half Xbox 360 also it is built well and is nice and heavy which is good for soft plastic grips. Also the controller is wireless so you can play from a distance away and not worry about not being able to reach it. Not only this the controller gives you the ability to let you have programmable buttons but that it is not the best feature it also has the ability to emulate the older version and also a wired Xbox 360 controller with a flip of a button. Also it allows you to be able to put the USB in a compartment which where the battery sits in the back of the controller so you do not have to worried about losing it anymore which is a good feature if you have to plug something else in and you have no where else to put it.

Xbox one

Although the Logitech has the ability to make your fingers fit around it nicely the Xbox one trigger are also very easy to use and feel quite nice on your hands. Also both controller feel nice and soft the Xbox one controller is good as the controller is excellent as the buttons are all the right spots which allows you to quickly change buttons so you can do the next level also the response time is excellent and it doesn’t mix up what you press. There are 2 different Xbox one controllers the first gen had a few problems such as the buttons squeaked when you pressed them in also the extremely shallow buttons which only allowed you press them on the side pieces.

Bad about the Logitech F710

There a few things that are wrong with the controller for instance if you have the USB plugged straight into the PC you can only reach a few feet away but if you have the extension cord plugged in than you will be able to reach from 20 feet away. Also not all the programmable features that you set don’t always work for instance you might of set jump to be A on the controller but it might change and become X I do not know why it does this but it does.

Bad about the Xbox one

I do not find anything wrong with the new controller as they fixed it when they released the new controller. the problem was that the head set piece didn’t fit normal headphones which was very annoying as you had to buy separate headphones which were extra money. Also the shallow pumpers on the old controllers were really hard to push in so that was also a problem but other than that it was really good.


In conclusion both of the controllers are very good and are great for what they do but in the end I would personally like the xbox one controller more as it feels better to me in my hands and also the new headphone jack is great as it allows me to plug in my headphones thank for reading my blog.













































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