Xbox 360 Review

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The Xbox 360 is a multi purpose machine used for gaming, watching videos and using apps. It was used by over 14 million people world wide for a couple of years before the xbox one came out. The xbox 360 is run by a company called microsoft, a multi million dollar company run by Bill Gates. The xbox 360 has thousands of games. The xbox 360 was the best thing created in its generation of gaming. The voice communication is quite great for the xbox 360, you can connect to anyone in the world with an xbox 360. You can play almost any game with them resulting in amazing high definition, online sexiness.

Pros: The xbox 360 is cheaper than PS3, It has a better game library than the PS3. The online is a lot better and has more players than the ps3. The xbox has a 3 year warranty for any damaged product, the later models for the xbox 360 are 100% better than the old ones.

Cons: The hardware is still a bit off even after all these years, the xbox will just shut down and not turn on for a bit after a while. The internet can cut out for long periods of time and a lot of xbox content will not be allowed unless you send authentification to all of your emails associated with the xbox. The xbox can get quite laggy and the connection messes up when you have to many people from a different country.

There are a number of different countries who play the xbox, here is a list of those specific countries who associate with the xbox.  The link to the country list is here These countries can all talk to each other and it doesn’t even depend where they are.

Overall the xbox 360 is an extremely good product with a few minor complications, I would definitely recommend buying this product. Thank you for checking out this review.


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