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Xbox One S 500GB Console – Battlefield 1 Bundle Do you want a next gen console capable of new levels of HD gaming? A console half the size of the original but with twice the powerand four times the storage. If you’re anyone who just wants to chill out and play some old remastered Xbox games or some of the all new line-up of Xbox games with an immersive 4k display, or you’re someone who wants to take their gaming to the next level and wants the most powerful console they can get than the Xbox 1s is the console for you.
The Xbox 1s has your old favorite features and some brand new ones that you will love. The Xbox 1s comes standard with a 500 gig or 1 terabyte hard drive, the best part of the Xbox 1s is the all new graphics card we have added so you can play on a more powerful, crisper, cleaner display with a smaller engine.

The Xbox 1s costs a very reasonable $399, $100 cheaper than it’s predecessor, the Xbox 1 was at release, for anyone wondering, no it’s not a fresh start, you get to keep anything from Xbox 1 and upload it to your brand new Xbox 1s with ease. As well as a console to play your favorite games on the Xbox 1s can also be used for all your favorite video and streaming apps and can play Blu-ray and DVD. You can even make skype calls on your Xbox 1s.

Xbox 1s also runs on Microsoft’s gaming network Xbox live which for just $60 a year grants you access to online multiplayer so you can connect with your friends, as well as free Xbox games every month and exclusive discounts and special multiplayer modes with some games. The Xbox 1s also has a great array of controllers, while not fully customizable come in a large range of shells and colors, but Xbos is the only console with it’s own official elite controller, which unlike the basic controller is fully customizable and will give you an edge over the opposition.

Now for the biggest upgrade from the Xbox 1 to the 1s, the graphics. With the latest iteration of the Xbox console the graphics card has been greatly improved and is now capable of beautiful 4k gaming and has made 1080p 60fps gaming the bare minimum standard for HD gaming so console graphics can finally compete with those of a PC.

While fairly expensive, the xbox 1s is a fantastic buy and I would definitely recommend it to any xbox fans who want the most up to date console. There is every reason to buy the 1s and very few not to, it really is the perfect console for the modern day gamer, I would definitely consider purchasing one.


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