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Wifi adaptor

Netgear Wifi Adaptor Review

The Netgear wifi adaptor is one of the quickest and most reliable USB adaptors on the market. If you need to connect your desktop, laptop or even your television to a wireless hotspot the Netgear N600 is one of the cheapest and best performing USB adaptors. With high speeds, minimal interference and one of the most reliable and trustworthy connections on a USB you will not be able to notice any difference. If you’re using a wireless-N network the Netgear wifi adaptor will deliver 10 times the range and 15 times the speed compared to wireless-G networks. The wifi adaptor can work on new 5 GHz networks with 23 channels and hence minimising the interference from cordless phones, microwaves and other devices that would be present on wireless-G networks (2.4 GHz). This improves reliability and performance. But what if you only have a wireless-G network? Don’t worry this USB wifi adaptor is backwards compatible with any wireless-G network or hot spot. Set up is easy with Netgear Genie and if you have a Push ‘n’ Connect compatible router then this wifi adaptor can securely connect to a router in two pushes. This is super portable and convenient for all computers. The star rating on Amazon is 3.6 stars out of 5 stars with most of the worst reviews having problems with version 1 of this product. This Netgear wireless adaptor review will outline the pro’s, con’s, basic information and user feedback.

Wifi adaptor

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  • Super light weight
  • Can work with both wireless-G and N networks
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Works with most devices including Panasonic TV’s
  • Push ‘N’ Connect feature
  • Dual band wifi
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Long range and fast performance with less interface
  • Comes with a USB cord extender


  • Requires a driver for mac computers and airport routers
  • There are other pricier wifi adaptors by Netgear which may have a better performance

Wfif adaptor

Basic Information

The RangeMax Dual Band is a wifi adaptor that is created by the company Netgear. Netgear is a manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware that was founded in 1996 with Patrick Cs Lo as CEO. This product can be bought from Amazon for $35.90 and comes with free shipping on orders over $35.00. This wifi adaptor comes with a one year warranty. This product is a great deal that comes with a USB holder, USB cable extender and a lid for protecting the USB connection. The Netgear Genie comes pre-loaded on a disc that is super easy to use with an outstanding performance and reliability.

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Wifi adaptor

Netgear Wifi Adaptor

User Feedback

David W, a member of, wrote, “Bought this with the WNDR3700 because I wanted to be able to have a mixed 2.4/5 GHz network. Works like a charm, though two rooms over it has trouble picking up the 5Ghz signal. But that’s probably not unexpected.”

Daniel Ha member of, The drivers for this thing work fine if you are surfing the web. Gaming I would lose connection every 30 minutes like others have said. That problem is completely fixed with a windows update. Now the adaptor works flawlessly. My home network data transfer rates have more than doubled and the range is far better than other link sys, Netgear, and D link adaptors I have used. I am going to buy a second one soon!”

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Wifi adaptor


The Netgear RangeMax Dual Band wifi adaptor has an outstanding performance and excellent reliability in networking solutions. One reason you would need a better wifi adaptor is for 11ac wifi and multiple HD streaming. With added accessories like a USB cradle and a USB extender this wifi adaptor will serve you extremely well in most situations. You can be ensured that this product is reasonably priced for the purpose it serves. This wifi adaptor is also very practical in size and in features that will provide you with confidence in making a decision.

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Wifi adaptor

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