White Twin Bunk Bed w/ Twin Trundle & Drawer Steps

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The addition of this bunk bed to a child’s bedroom would make a positive difference. With great storage space and good finishes, this twin bunk bed is perfect for any kid. The drawer steps make for easy access to the top bunk, and the storage compartments are roomy, and even though the drawers are not ‘pull-out’ ones, the doors fold down and stay closed because of magnetic latches. The twin trundle bed pulls out nicely, and there is enough space between the bunks for an adult to sit on the lower bunk and not hit their head on the one above. 


The mattresses are not included with this product, so they have to be purchased elsewhere. This increases the cost of the overall bed, which can leave a hole in the average family’s pocket. Also, the amount of slats that are included with the product are to the barest minimum. They only just fit the width of the bunk bed, so any jumping on the bed could result in a trip to the hospital. Weight would also impact the durability and maximum usage of this bunk bed. >> See the reviews on Amazon <<


Bella Esprit supplies a wide variety of home furnishing products for retailers and distributors world-wide, so they definitely know the meaning of quality. Their goal (as mentioned on their website) is to manufacture the best value, quality and designs for today’s market place. More information can be found by clicking HEREBella Esprit is the company that designed and manufactured this bed, but the Furniture Distribution Center is the company that sells it and ships it.

Bunk Bed Star Rating: 

I would give this bed a four star rating out of five. It looks nice, adds functionality to a child’s room, and provides great storage for those out-of-place items. This white bunk bed may not be as safe as it could be (slats wise), but this can be solved with a little bit of ingenuity. Overall, its a great bed!!! 



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