Walkera Furious 320 Review

Walkera Furious 320 

The Walkera Furious 320 is a racing done capable of reaching speeds over 120km/h or 74mph built for speed and precision. the drone also features a  HD camera to watch your flying skills wether they be good or bad you can watch in the after action of the flight on your computer where you can also set the parameters for your drone.


The drone is built to look sleek while also be practical during flight. the design allows the drone to be visually appealing while in flight the design also allows the rotors to have ample room while remaining sleek for inclosed spaces and stunts.


The drone is capable of delivering high resolution video in 1080pixels while you can stream directly to your remote controller if the control has one built in to allow you to see the of your skill (or lack of said skill) while you race or play shooter or just fly around imagining that you are a pod racer or the worlds best drone racer all the while streaming or recording while you fly your pint sized mass of awesomeness. The drone also features a GPS system so if a you happen to crash or the drone goes where you cannot see it you will have coordinates such as 33.842823, 7.779038 will show up on the computer it is connected with and then you could put them into your android or Iphone and go and fetch your drone.

The Pros and Cons


carbon fibre frame: This means that the drone drone will be strong enough to survive a few crashes and scratches while remaining in good condition so you wont have to buy new pieces continually.

1080p camera : The camera can be used for a wide range of activities such as filming and using your drone to use various programs.

GPS system: The drone has an in born GPS tracker due to the fact that you may lose sight of your drone this handy addition o the drone makes it so it is hard to lose.


Battery life: The battery life would be the most limiting factor because drones usually have a life of 10-12 minutes which is little time for the long charge times most drones take to charge.

Charge times: Most remote control drones and remote control toy vehicles usually take long amounts of time to charge which is up wards of 1-3 hours depending on vehicle.

Cost: The walkera furious 320 cost a fair bit of money ranging from $550 to $600 on the official website and $600 to $700 on amazon this means you have to fork over a bit of money to get your drone.

Battery bag: Some drones come with an explosion proof bag for some reason? this would be slightly disconcerting for people who want to buy the drone.

The Conclusion

The Walkera Furious 320 is a drone that is as much as a racing done as is a fun hobby drone to mess around with. Though if you want the drone purely for fun I would recommend cheaper plastic drones with smaller cameras as they are usually cheaper but if you are looking for a fast racing drone or a stunt drone then the drone would be suited for your needs and your amusement.


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