UE BOOM vs Beats Pill

Bluetooth speakers have been around for many years, with newer and better models being created all the time. Wireless speakers are becoming more and more popular as they are more practical then an ordinary speaker. This article is a comparison between two Bluetooth speakers; the UE BOOM vs Beats Pill speaker. This comparison will discuss the appearance and features of each product, and which will help you decide which speaker is best for you.


The UE BOOM is 18cm in height, and roughly 6.5 cm in width. It has a cylindrical shape and can be placed either on its side, or on either circular end. It has 360º degree sound and has a long lasting rechargeable battery life of 15 hours. This speaker can be paired to your smart phone or any other bluetooth-enabled device. The UE BOOM comes in multiple colours, the main colours being white, blue, black and red, however, other colours can also be purchased. Check out more colours avaiable here. The majority of the cylindrical surface of the speaker is covered in a rough fabric, which is covered in a plasma coating that makes the product stain and water resistant. This means it is ideal for outdoor trips and adventures.

Beats Pill

The Beats Pill is a small cylindrical four-speaker sound system that comes in a pill shape which is 19cm in length and 4.5cm tall. Along with the UE BOOM it is also available in white, blue, black and red. There are also a few other colours available on the Amazon website, you can check them out here. It’s small enough to fit in your hand, and can easily fit into your bag or whatever you are carrying out the door. Despite its size, it produces powerful sound. It has a 7 hour rechargeable battery life, and takes roughly 3 and a half hours to recharge. This speaker can also be paired to any bluetooth enabled device, and if your smartphone is running low on battery, this speaker has the ability to recharge it.

Similarities and Differences

These two speakers are often considered threats to each other as they are very similar products. They are both small, light, bluetooth wireless speakers with great sound and bass. Both the UE BOOM and Beats Pill speaker can be paired up and synced to a second speaker of the same type for improved sound. From a dead battery these two speakers take roughly the same amount of time to charge (3 and a half hours).

Although these two products are very similar, they have multiple differences that set them apart and make them unique. The UE enables you to change songs, adjust volume and take calls from up to 50ft away, while the Beats Pill only has a 30ft connection. The Pill has a reverse charging feature, which means you can plug in a charger via a USB-A Port to charge a mobile device. On Amazon, the prices for the UE BOOM speaker vary from around $125 – 200, while the Pill speaker is slightly pricier at $160 – 250. While the Beats Pill can last for up to 7 hours, the UE BOOM’s battery can last almost twice as long as this speaker.

UE BOOM vs Beats Pill

In summarisation, both these speakers are very practical and are suitable for anyone. If you were to purchase one of these speakers I would highly recommend the UE BOOM, although the Beats Pill also has many great reviews. Personally, I use the UE BOOM and think it is a great speaker and I use it all the time. The sound is great, and it’s battery life lasts a very long time even though it doesn’t take long to charge. With its versatile shape, water resistant coating, and the cheaper price, I believe this speaker is your money well spent.


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