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The Ear force P11 is an advanced gaming headset with an amplified stereo to make sure you hear everything in any game. This headset is very light and comfortable with thick foam padding around the earpiece, It is compatible with PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4. It has a control box so you can turn down the chat and game volume separately it also has a 12ft cord, which is longer than the normal 6-8ft cords of other headsets and most of all is very cheap. Over 300 people have rated this headset 5 stars as they enjoy its thick foam padding, sound, weight and cheap price.

The only disadvantages is that the cord connect to the headset itself is rather weak but proper care when handling and using the belt clip can make it last.


1.  Thick foam padding for comfort

2.  Lightweight

3.  12ft cord

4.  PC, Mac, PS3 and PS4 compatible

5.  Amplified stereo

6.  Cheaper than most headsets with its features

7.  Ability to control chat sound and game volume separately

8.  Added belt clip on control box to avoid stress on the cord connecting to the headset itself


1.  Cord detaches from headset easily

2.  If not handled with care with it could break.

3.  Built with cheap plastic

 Personal opinion:

I believe that these headphones are worth every cent I spent on them even if they don’t last as long as other headphones. They produce very good sound and are very comfortable and light.

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