Top 7 Compression Shorts For Men

Compression shorts are a vital piece of equipment for all athletes. They are worn for a number of reasons:

Compression Shorts for Men

  • Keep muscles warm to prevent strain and fatigue
  • Soak up sweat to prevent chaffing and rashes
  • Improve circulation and oxygenation to legs and muscles
  • Reduce the amount of lactic acid produced
  • Improve muscle recovery

If you are looking for exceptional compression shorts at an affordable price, the following list is for you.



7. Free Fisher Men’s Cycling Bottom

These cycling compression shorts are designed for high flexibility movement and to increase blood circulation. They include a comfortable antibacterial pad and are made out of a fine, breathable material to allow air flow and to eliminate moisture. These shorts are perfect for cycling and serious athletes at a very affordable price. 



6. Tenn Mens Viper 8 Panel Padded Cycling Shorts

These compression shorts have been designed for cycling which mean they allow a wide range of movements. They include an anatomical design to help blood circulation and consist of eight panels allowing maximum stretch and high comfort. Made out of high performance, four-way stretch material, these compression shorts are built for serious athletes. On top of all of this, they include silicon leg grippers and reflective detailing, especially designed for cycling. 


5. 2XU Men’s Compression Shorts

The 2XU Men’s Compression Shorts have been expertly designed to deliver exceptionally high comfort. This includes a drawstring closure instead of elastic, for better fitting shorts although can sometimes be irritating, as well as optimal compression support to avoid tightness. On top of this, they come with antibacterial and SPF 50+ sun protection material that also wicks away moisture to keep you dry and help you perform to your best. 




4. Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Shorts

Champion has undoubtedly invested thousands into creating their super-comfortable Powerflex compression shorts. As the name suggests, these shorts are very flexible and are perfect for an active lifestyle. They have flatlock seams to avoid chaffing and moisture management technology to keep you dry and cool. 




3. Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Running Shorts

Under Armor’s top Compression shorts come with amazing features allowing the athlete to perform to their best. These include the elastic closure, the 4-way stretch smooth, soft fabric that is specially designed to deliver compression without restriction, the anti-odour technology that stops the growth of odour microbes and the moisture wicking technology. These shorts are definitely one of the best buys on the market. 



2. Nike Pro Combat Core Compression Six-Inch Short 2.0

These amazingly comfortable and flexible compression shorts, help any athlete perform to their best. Their innovative technology includes Dri-Fit fabric to eliminate moisture, a secure flexible fit to keep the compression constant but not too tight and flatlock seams to prevent chaffing. It also includes an elastic waistband to provide a nice snug, athletic fit. 



1. Skins A200 Men’s Compression Half Tights

The Skins A200 Half Tights are the best compression shorts on market, superior to all others. These are made using engineered gradient compression to increase blood circulation. They also include moisture wicking technology and UV 50+ protection. The compression shorts are perfect for all types of sports, workouts and running. 

For more information on Skins A200 Compression Half Tights, visit the Skins Website.

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