Top 6 Perfect Essential Oils

These essential oils are on sale right now so get in and pick up the bargain while it exists. The pack Includes 6, 10ml oils, Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus Lemongrass, Peppermint & Sweet Orange. All Kis oils are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with no additives, fillers, bases or carriers added. These oils are of perfect quality and will fill your home with their natural renewing smell. Some may benefit your health for example the eucalyptus will clean out your sinuses when you have the pesky common cold meanwhile gifting the rest of your family and/or friends with the soothing natural scent of the eucalyptus leaves.


This product looks elegant practical and mature. The box has the most organic and textured look with a simple modern black and white theme.

The comparing product is plastic looking and is blends not pure essential oils so you do not know what specific oil is in what. The colours are bright and artificial looking. They look like a kids pack not made for the appeal of classy adults 


It’s labels are easy to read and are structured so that you benefit the most. It is of the highest quality oils and works the wonders of smell. This product is all you need in the area of essential oils it is practical for your home although when you pour the bottle a smidgen of oil may come out as a normal hazard but in the oil coming out you could wipe it off the side of the bottle with your wrist giving you the essential oil scent as a perfume.

The comparing products labels don’t tell you which oils they contain so that you can easily see them. All they do is tell you what they can do for you like relieve aches and pains etc. This product is only for your wellbeing whereas the Top 6 Essential Oils Set you can blend yourself to relieve the aches and pains but you can also go back to the original oil so that you have both in one set.


I recommend that you get the Kis Top 6 Essential Oil’s Set as it is the most highly recommended by myself and other reviewers. It is not diluted at all but a pure, organic, cheap and appealing set of oils for all you essential oil lovers. This oil set includes the best oils so even if you’re new to the love of essential oils you will get the most raved about set of oils so that you start with the best. This set wont last forever so get in fast before the bargain runs out.



Top Customer Reviews

By Chandler

It’s been shown that certain aromas can have an effect on both your psychological and physical well-being via stimulating certain parts of the brain to trigger reactions and via the natural molecules entering the lungs can offer therapeutic benefit for many.

In addition to that, many just smell soothing so it can create a calmer home without people and animals breathing in fumes and artificial chemicals to do so. And no soot filling your home from large candles burning down either!

By Anna

I love these oils. I use lavender the most because I absolutely love the smell. Despite what another reviewer wrote, it is a true lavender, which means it has a slightly metallic, earthy smell to it. That’s what real lavender smells like.

Reviews on Compared Product

By Rebekah Tiemens on July 23, 2015

I was highly disappointed with this oil set. I tried the deep muscle relief first. It lists wintergreen and peppermint as being two of the main oils, yet there was no cooling sensation whatsoever when applied to the skin. I put a drop of peppermint EO in 10 ml of carrier oil, and it will still have a cooling sensation! There is no way that this is full strength essential oil. The smell, well, it does have a *vague* wintergreen scent. But anyone who’s used bottles of essential oils can tell you how potent the scent is when you first open it up. There was no strong scent to this. I opened up all six bottles and they are all weak at best. Makes me wonder how diluted they really are.

By Mary Rubio February 24, 2016

Very good strong product. Don’t buy unless you know how to use these oils,as there are no instructions or information.

By Ngre February 24, 2016

Good for the price–I diffuse these, although when I use essential oils in my business for therapeutic qualities, I choose these less often than other oils.

What to consider while searching for the perfect essential oil set:

  • Make sure you love all the oils in the pack
  • Make sure they are 100% pure and do not include  jojoba/almond meaning that they are diluted and not just pure essential oil.
  • Try go for the oils that are beneficial for you as in. If you have allergies and get hay-fever constantly or you have the common cold go for the eucalyptus essential oil to clear the sinuses
  • If you need to get rid of a nasty smell go for the oil that appeals to you most
  • go your local organic outlet/shop and smell the essential oils there so you get a good idea of which oils appeal to your senses
  • All in all go for the most natural, beneficial and appealing oils for your home.

The Comparing Product


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