Top 6 Low to High End Graphics Cards 2015-2016

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This blog will contain comparisons of the best Graphics Cards to buy with or without a budget. All of the graphics cards have to be made between 2015-2016 and have authorisation from AMD or Nvidia to produce the card.


6. MSI Geforce GTX 950 GAMING 2G

This Graphics Card Comes in at a cheap price of only $150 – $200 U.S, the Msi GTX 950 exceeds former expectations. This card is mainly designed for light 1080p gaming and web browsing e.g Facebook, Youtube, etc but provides a very pleasant experience when doing so. It is definitely a big improvement over its successor, the GTX 750 ti with a higher clock speed and updated ram. If you are in the market for a budget, light gaming graphics card, this card is for you. For more information, head to Msi Geforce GTX 950.


5. MSI Radeon R7 370 Gaming 4GB

The Msi Radeon R7 370 is the successor to the R7 270. Although it is more of a refresh than an upgrade compared to the specs of its predecessor, with a minor boost of 100 MHz it definitely does not fail to impress. The cards ram may not be as powerful as Nvidia’s, but you do get an abundance of the ram for the price. however, that is not necessarily a good thing. It costs $150 – $200 U.S (usually Slightly higher than the 950) and gives you every ounce of performance that you pay for. The card is designed much like the GTX 950 for light 1080p gaming, don’t expect to be running games on high but it will provide an enjoyable enough experience on low to medium settings. Definitely, a card to look out for if you are in the market for a cheap, reliable card. For a full review, visit r7 370 gaming 2g graphics card review.


4.  Asus Geforce GTX 960 Strix 4GB

With a price point of $200 – $250 U.S dollars, the Asus Geforce GTX 960 is the best bang for buck card you can buy right now!. The card runs on the second generation of Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture, the GM206 GPU. It uses Asus’s DirectCU2 cooling system, consisting of two fans that are shaped like an owl’s face, after all, STRIX does mean owl in ancient roman. It has hardly any problems playing the latest games at mid settings though it can be quite rough playing on high for long periods of time. This card remains the best bang for buck card on the market and is definitely worth looking into. For more information, head to Asus GeForce gtx 960 strix 4gb review



Gigabyte definitely smashed the ball out of the park with this instalment of the Geforce GTX 970. If this card wasn’t good enough already, the extra boost of base clock over 100mhz and the excellent wind force cooling system makes this card the clear winner in the 970 category. This card was made to max out games at 1080p however, you can still play games at 1440p with a fairly average framerate. This card has an upward price of $300 – $400 US but if you have the money to spare and game at 1080p or 1440p, there is no other card you should buy than this one. For more information, head to Geforce gtx 970 Xtreme gaming review


2. MSI Geforce GTX 980TI Gaming 6GB

The MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6GB is a graphics card for enthusiasts. This card is a personal favourite, as I use it in my rig. This card will completely max out any game you throw at it, whether you are gaming at 1080p, 1440p or 4k, you will have a very immersive experience. This 980 Ti uses the twin Frozr V, the most recent cooling solution for MSI’s cards and it keeps the card very cool. It is also a VERY good overclocker as it can be overclocked to reach the GTX Titan X level of performance. The card comes in at the hefty price of $650 – $700 U.S but it is totally worth it if you are into 1440p gaming or 4k gaming. For a more in-depth review of this card, Head to MSI GTX 980 Ti Review.


1. EVGA Geforce GTX Titan X Superclocked 12GB

An absolute overkill of a graphics card. This card is only for people that exclusively play at 1440p/4k or use this card as a workstation otherwise it is a waste of money. It will max out any game you throw at it using any resolution and settings, if you want to go ballistic and build an absolute monster of a rig, this is the card for you. It is significantly more expensive than its little brother, the GTX 980ti as it comes in at the preposterous price of $950 – $1000 U.S dollars. It has double the amount of ram than the 980 Ti, but the cards are strikingly similar in specs. The Titan X runs on the updated GM 200 core, which is a slightly better version of the 980 Ti’s core. In conclusion, this card should only be bought by enthusiasts and/or used as a workstation card. For a full review of the card, head to Nvidia GeForce gtx titan x review

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