The Ultimate Survivor Hk

The survivor HK is one of the greatest, sharpest knives on the planet and if you were to know anything about knives then you should know that this is a blade you need, with every application you could find for a knife the survivor HK is more than capable of handling the situation. From survival situations to the kitchen this knife is just sheer perfection, i mean the knife can start a fire ! A damn fire, what man would not want that. With this knife your fellow man will look at you with respect in his eyes and intimidation in his heart knowing that he is not worthy of your excellence since you bought that survivor HK. You deserve this knife, you desire this, you want this, you need the survivor HK.



-11 inches of quality stainless steel.

 -Equipped with a comfortable grip.

– A free Nylon sheath included

– It spits fire, it spiiiits fire !

-Its only $6.28.


– Possibility of setting yourself on fire and the nilion sticking to your skin causing 3rd degree burns and 3 years of skin grafts, but you know its all worth it.


All in all i would highly recommend the survivor HK 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRICES!!!! Survivor Hk-695B Fixed Blade Knife 9.5-Inch Overall

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