The Cowin E-7 Review

The Cowin E-7 is the top selling over ear headphones on amazon, it has one of the best specs I have ever seen. The price for the Cowin E-7 is a bargain for the quality of the headphones. The Cowin E-7 has amazing audio with accessible noise cancelling so you can turn it off or on if you want to listen to people at the same time.

If you want to buy these headphones I recommend that you do. Because the Cowin E-7 has best audio I have ever heard and it is also has very confortable op part for your head so you head does not get sore with that other hardtops what will hurt you head, The Cowin E-7 has adjustable sides so you can changing it to you size so and one can use it if you are a little kid at the age of 8 you can use these to because you can change the sie super easy you just pull the side or push it.


These headphones are not battery operated they use a usb to micro usb port to charge, you do not have to use the one we give to you if you have a android phone you can use the charger you use for that one. There is a on board mic for picking up calls or whatever you need for these head phones


These headphones at full charge can last for 30 hours of bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about the power you can just charge it overnight and never run out of power if you don’t charge it and if it runs out of power you can use the aux 2.5mm cable you put into the head phones.


These headphones are for people who hate hearing that crying baby in a plane or a person who is going for a run and does not want cords all over the and tripping over them. Because these headphones are wireless they are super easy to use a pack up so you don’t need to keep some long wires around to annoy you by getting tangled up and you waste time untieing it.
The Cowin E-7 is one of the best headphones i have ever seen i have not used these headphones but judging by the reviews it looks really good and also one more point, It is the top rating over-ear headphones on Amazon so i think there very good and they are damn cheap for how good the headphones are it sells for 70$ but it is on a 30% sale at the moment, so i think you should buy these headphones because, it is cheap, the quality is great, they are portable, no cords (only for charging and if your phone does not support bluetooth), 30 hours of music and it is the top selling on over-ear headphones.

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