The Barista Express Coffee Machine – Best Coffee Machine?

(From the description) Espresso making is notorious for being both an art and a science, requiring you to carefully adjust each of the inputs (grind size, grind amount, etc.). But even complete beginners and aspiring baristas can pull a perfect shot from the Breville Barista Express. For beginners, it comes with two dual-wall, pressurized filters that regulate pressure and help optimize the extraction. For more experienced baristas, the Barista Express includes two single-wall, non-pressurized filters that give you more room to experiment with different grind sizes, grind amounts, and tamping pressure. As either a crash-course or a continuation study, the Barista Express gives you free rein to explore the art of espresso.

 ‘The Barista Express Coffee Machine is the best coffee machine for any coffee enthusiast, no matter what their tastes are, this machine provides you with a variety of ways to make your coffee, whether it be a cappuccino, espresso or even just a plain coffee, this machine can make it for you. Giving you the freshest coffee at a remarkable speed.”



  • 15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
  • Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
  • 67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle.

The following is taken from a customer review. “I have not written reviews before, but I have been a coffee, cappuccino drinkers for years. Although I don’t claim to be an expert in any sense of the word, I think that I am knowledgeable about making a good espresso and cappuccino. I read the 4 reviews that were posted on this machine prior to writing my own review, and I felt this machine deserved my review as well. Although this machine is not perfect and does require some trial and error over days/weeks, I think that it does a great job for the price and is well worth the investment!!!!!” This proves that this product is a great addition to any home.


  • Ships to most countries outside of the U.S.A
  • Very fresh coffee
  • Comes in 3 different colours; Stainless Steel, Black and Red
  • Includes a cleaning kit.
  • Ability to customize most aspects.


  • Can be tricky to use to start off with.
  • Some things need to be reprogrammed in order to work well.
  • Makes a bit of a mess when making coffee.


All in all, this coffee machine is great for an avid coffee lover. I recommend this machine to anyone who loves to have a great cappuccino, coffee or an espresso.  Click here to view the product and it’s reviews

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