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Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf

The Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf is a perfect addition to any home that is looking to utilise corner space. This amazing piece of furniture suits any home. With spacious shelves, it allows you to be able to store all your items such as picture frames, CDs, candles, books, collectables and other decorations. It’s varnished walnut colour suits any home’s theme. The shelf is easy to assemble, meaning you it will not waste your time trying to figure out how to put it together. It also includes everything you will need to assemble and hang it, making it very customer friendly. Its unique shape also adds some aesthetic interest to your home. 


  • Dimensions: 7.75×7.75×48.5 inches
  • Made of MDF & laminate.
  • Walnut colour to fit any décor
  • Easy to hang. All hardware included
  • Decorative and functional


This shelf has a very simple design. It’s shape and colouration allow it to fit in with many styles of homes. It is a good way to fill in blank areas of your home because it suits any corner space. It is very easy to put together. The colour is very nice and it is a serious space saver. It is also very cheap, only costing about $35. It is very useful for displaying small items such as candles, picture frames and other decorations. Even better, if you find that this shelf isn’t that right colour or size, the same seller also sells other colours and sizes. Assembly is also quick and easy. Overall, it is ideal for any living space. Read More About Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf…


This decoration is not without its flaws. The material it is made of is cheap and not of the greatest quality. There were also complaints that the screws provided were not enough to secure the ornament. Some of the nails in the boards are not precise, causing the shelf to become slightly unbalanced and lopsided, but this do not affect the overall look of the shelf too drastically. Despite its simple design, it can take a while to assemble the product. It is also difficult to find the assembly instructions in the box. It may be slightly overpriced for its quality, but it still looks nice. Unfortunately, you cannot leave out parts to make the shelf smaller, meaning it may not fit into every space. Read More About Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf…

Kitchen iQ knife sharpener

This product is good use for families with not much space in their kitchen. The v grip on this product is for the corner of the counter or can be used on a flat surface as well on the corner of a table. Provides a proper sharpening angle for a good sharpen each time. comes with non slip rubber feet for stability and comfort for you to use. Very lightweight to carry everywhere.


  • V grip for corner of the counter.
  • Proper sharpening angle every time.
  • Soft grip handle for control.
  • Straight edge blades only.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stainless steel and soft touch accents.

Very tiny and easy to store in the kitchen. Works well with all types of knives. Very lightweight and inexpensive. Better than the normal product that you would buy to sharpen your knives. After a long time of using this product it still looks like and feels like its brand new. Easy to use.


“After pulling my knife through the sharpener, it did indeed get very sharp” – Jack

“After 4 months of using this product, it still works perfectly and my knives are always in the perfect shape” – ACH

“As a former professional chef, i would say that for the money, this is the BEST product for the kitchen i have seen in years!!”

– Dwight E. Schmuck

“This is a fantastic product. It’s inexpensive, ergonomically friendly, and sharpens very well.” – Bill D

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