Starbucks Italian Roast

Starbucks Italian Roast

Starbucks, renowned for their coffee and innovative designs and flavours, is a hipsters number one spot to take their selfies and upload them onto their Instagram pages through their many apple products, and trust me the free wi-fi attracts them like George. W. Bush on fossil fuels. But with so many flavours which should one choose, sure you can stick to what you know or you can become a pioneer and search for that one flavour that one brew that is perfect.


The Italian Roast, one of the many flavours on the menu but one of the least known, I felt obliged to boldly go were some men have gone before and I went to this natural habitat of the “hipster” known as Starbucks to personally experience if the Starbucks Italian Roast could compete with the thousands of other brews and flavours in this competitive industry. Well I can tell you other than some guy stealing my coffee and waiting another 10 minutes which was not pleasant, that the coffee was delightful the textures were heavenly and the temperature was neither to hot nor to cold. I believed for a moment there I truly felt the meaning of life the way the bitterness manages to mix perfectly with the sweetness of the sugar was utterly divine. Most importantly the coffee was $3.00 a cup or if you were to by the bag $30.49.


Just tear open a packet of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Italian Roast, add hot water, wait 10 seconds, and stir. Then enjoy the robust, bold taste of 100% Arabica coffee that is roasty and sweet.”





-Bitterness and Sweetness work perfectly.

-The price is fair.

-The textures the drink exposes.

-100% Arabica coffee.

-Ethically sourced.

-50 packets.

-The rich and smooth aroma of a real cup of coffee.

-Just add hot water, milk and stir.

-They actually got the original flavour into these tiny packages.

-Even mixes in cold liquid.




-A strange aftertaste.

-Almost reached expiry date.



All I can tell you Is this coffee is worth your time and I would definitely recommend you try this it will not disappoint you but tempt you to travel further into the many flavours and brews of Starbucks.


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