Sporting Injuries: 5 Tips to Prevent Them

 Sporting injuries


A great item to use to prevent or help with existing sporting injuries is strapping tape. This helps to stabilise the muscle and prevent excessive strain which may lead to injury or tearing. One of the best strapping tapes is Rock Tape which unlike many other tapes has a hypoallergenic, water resistant adhesive that won’t fall off during competition this tape also has 180% stretch. Made of 97% cotton and 3% Nylon it helps to reduce skin irritation and also allows fuller range of motion. Rock Tape has a tighter weave than many other tapes on the market, which enables the muscle to more easily return to neutral.



It is important to remain hydrated to prevent sporting injuries. This is because water keeps the muscles supple and helps to stop strains and micro tears. A good bottle to use for sport is the 1 quart Nalgene Water Bottle, this bottle is BPA free making it totally non-toxic. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and also to add ice cubes. This bottle is marked with millimetres and ounces for easy measurement and is suitable for cold and hot beverages. 



Compression is a good way to promote blood flow to muscles and prevent injury. Nike Compression Pants are affordable compression pants that have flat-lock seams to help reduce irritation from chafing. Their secure, flexible fit keeps the garment closer to your body, follows the way your body moves and allows more range of movements. Visit the official Nike Compression website.

Warming Up

It is essential to warm up before exercise of any sort, warming up enhances blood flow to muscles and allows the muscle fibres to slowly begin moving rather than shocking them with a large amount of strain. For those who find it difficult to get adequately warmed up or have stiff muscles or joints, a heating gel would be recommended. A very good heating gel is Deep Heat. This gel is non-greasy and its counterirritant action makes it effective in the treatment of muscular pains and stiffness.

Keep Electrolyte Levels High

Electrolytes carry a charge and are essential for life, some electrolytes which are lost in great amounts when sweating are potassium and sodium. Consuming a sports gel or sports drink is the best way to keep these levels up.GU Energy Gels are a great source of electrolytes and can be easily taken during exercise without making the consumer feel full and sick.

Follow these tips to prevent sporting injuries.



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