Scuf Infinity 4PS Review

If you are anyone who just wants an easier gaming experience or anyone who is into professional gaming or wants a better setup and is into streaming or YouTubing then the scuf infinity 4PS is probably for you. There are no other controllers out there that can match the crisp, clean gameplay that only a scuf controller will offer. Over 90% of professional gamers choose scuf controllers because they will give you a competitive edge like no other controller.

The scuf infinity 4PS starts from $160 dollars but can cost more with the endless customization options. Scuf controllers are compatible with both the ps4 and Xbox consoles as well as a PCs. It also has endless combinations you can create with our extensive customization choices of buttons, colors, triggers, paddles, shells, grips and rumbles.


They should know that this certain model of the scuf infinity is a quality scuf build and just like all scuf products is durable and has a full warranty guarantee that all products will be free from defects during the warranty period. This controller along with its various scuf features and abilities operates almost exactly the same to a regular PlayStation 4 or xbox one controller, except for its extra competitive features we have added such as the custom electromagnetic controller remapping and the standard scuf paddles.
This product has the standard scuf paddles that are the main part of all our products which allow for easy access to different button assignments without having to use awkward preferences. It also has easy electromagnetic controller assignment remapping. This allows you to change the assignments of every button on your controller in just seconds. The scuf Infinity comes with a choice of several different carbon fiber body models for the controller.


The scuf Infinity 4PS comes with a selection of scuf grips with a choice between the two styles of the standard scuf military grade grips or the scuf pro grips. The scuf infinity also has an optional hair trigger function allowing both easier use of both trigger buttons and higher durability as they will not have to have as much force applied.


You might want to seriously consider buying this controller if you ever want to reach higher levels of gaming, with all of the Scuf Infinity’s combined features it provides a much smoother faster and easier competitive gaming experience and will most certainly provide an edge over your opponents.


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