Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

S7 Edge

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Overview of the phone

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is Samsung’s flagship smartphone of 2016. The S7 edge is more or less a revamped version of last years Galaxy S6 Edge. This year, Samsung brought back features that were lost on the S6 and  S6 Edge and slightly changed the design of the phone, but is this enough for a consumer to upgrade or buy Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphone?


This year’s S7 Edge is somewhat similar to last years S6 edge design wise but slight changes have been made. The phone is in my opinion the best looking smartphone to date, sporting a glass on metal design with a curved screen and curved back. Depending on what colour you purchase, it looks more like a piece of jewelry than a phone. However the phone is a huge fingerprint magnet, meaning you might find yourself wiping down your phone every 30 minutes of so.

Key Features

Samsung has decided to bring back features the s6 edge took away. This years flagship phone has:

  • Edge Screen
  • Micro SD expansion (up to 200GB, sold separately)
  • 32GB Storage Option
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • IP68 certified dust and water resistance
  • 5MP front camera with wide selfie mode
  • 12MP dual pixel rear camera with f1.7 aperture
  • Wireless charging
  • Heart Rate monitor
  • Always on Display
  • NFC
  • Colours include Black, Silver and Gold


The Galaxy S7 Edge boasts a whopping 5.5″ super amoled, quad HD, curved display. I personally think this is the best display on a smartphone. Being an amoled display, colours are extremely accurate and blacks are deep. The curved edges really do turn heads, but as for their functionality, it is in an improvement on last years model but it is still not perfect. I have found myself accidentally touching the edge screens causing unwanted things to happen.


The galaxy S7 Edge has a 12mp, dual pixel rear facing camera and a 5mp front facing camera both with an f1.7 aperture. I have found that the image quality is extremely clear and the colours are very precise on both cameras, more so the rear facing one. the cameras perform very impressively in low light conditions thanks to the f1.7 aperture.

Internal specifications and performance

There are many different variants of this phone but the Australian version is equipped with samsung’s own exynos 8890 64 bit processor along with 4GB of Ram. With the powerful processor and ram combination, the phone handles everyday use without a problem. Web browsing, emails, texting and calling all work very well. Gaming on the S7 Edge is a pleasant experience but I did experience some occasional lag on graphically intense games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Battery Life

The galaxy S7 Edge has a massive 3600 mAh which means you won’t have to worry about putting your phone on charge during the day. I leave home at 6:30 and return home at 4:30 and during the day I watch youtube frequently, use social media, check emails etc. When I get home, i usually still have around 30% battery left. This would have to be one of the better phones when it comes to battery life.

Operating system

The Galaxy S7 Edge runs Android 6.0 marshmallow with a ‘touchwiz’ skin on top. Touchwiz has occasional lag which is less than you would expect on a flagship device. Some animations, such as the edge screen and notification centre, have not been fully optimised which causes lag occasionally.

Conclusion, Is it worth it?

The Galaxy S7 Edge is a very solid phone. With a premium look and feel, a great camera, fingerprint scanner etc. The S7 Edge is not perfect in any way but it is very good. If you are willing to fork out $1200-$1300, be sure to pick one up. The phone has as many features as you could ever want on a smartphone. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants a futuristic, upmarket phone, but also willing to pay top dollar.


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