Samsung galaxy S6 VS HTC one M9


[COREY] Hey guy’s Corey here with my very good friend Rowan

[ROWAN] Hey guys and today we’re going to be reviewing and comparing the htc one M9  vs the Samsung galaxy S6

[COREY] Now these are some pretty good phones recently released on April 10, 2015, These phones are quiet similar but might have some pretty key differences that might change your mind about purchasing what product. Ok just to jump right into some specs now. The HTC one M9 has a 20 Megapixel camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s all crash hot whereas the S6 has a 16-MP.

[ROWAN] And it takes some of the best photos that I’ve ever seen.

[COREY] With the HTC the camera’s not to great. The photos you take with it look all washed out and grainy they’re not as good as the samsung’s camera. But whereas the S6 can take some of the best photos that a smartphone can take.

[ROWAN] The colours really pop.

[COREY] Now with the speakers, the HTC have the best speakers on the market, they come with the dolby audio software that bring a really good surround sound experience to the phone. Whereas the S6 there speakers are pretty mediocre, not to good not to bad, but they’re still on the bottom of the phone, which I think they should improve on by the next phone.

[ROWAN] I think that all phone speakers should be on the front, so you can get more immerse with what your doing on the phone.

[COREY] Now talking about the size of the phones, the HTC has a 5-inch screen (Physical size) where the S6 has a 5.1-inch (Physical size). Not too much separating the phones size, both pretty similar.

[ROWAN] But the S6 also shows more pixels then the HTC.

[COREY] The HTC’s 1080×1920 whereas the S6 has 1440×2560. Both touch screens are multi-touch and are pretty responsive, that’s thanks to the 8-core 64-bit processor. Now to talk about the storage in the phones. The HTC comes with 32gb storage but you can also have expandable storage, with SD cards and stuff like that. But the S6 has 128 gb storage, but has not SD slot so there’s no expandable storage. Now to talk about battery, both batteries will last around a day. But the HTC has more talk time with 25.4 hours where the S6 only has 20.

Now the build of these phones are pretty good, the HTC is pretty much all metal like the M8 which is good and pretty durable. The S6 is full glass, glass on the back glass on the front, it’s pretty slippery so I’d suggest getting a skin for it. I’ve seen both of these phones in drop tests and experienced them both by myself and I can say they hold up pretty good. Although in most of the drop tests I’ve seen the S6 comes out ahead, this is pretty surprising since the S6 is just made out of glass whereas the HTC is made out of metal. That’s without a skin as-well.

Now jumping into the pros and cons of these phones. The HTC is a good phone; fast, sharp and snappy. And has the best speakers on the market. The cons of the phone are; The camera is bad, the photos it take look washed out and overblown and the camera is very grainy in the dark. Now the pro’s and cons for the S6, The pros are; it’s one of the best smartphones on the market, one of the best screens on the market, a 5.1inch display, multi-tasking is fast, one of the cameras on the market. Some cons are; There’s no micro-SD slot, no removable battery, Battery life could be longer (Just enough for a full day), the phone is slippery due to It being all glass (I’d highly recommend a skin). Now just to talk about which is a better buy, I think that the S6 is a way better buy than the HTC it has a good glass finish, the camera is hands down way better, it’s fast and reactive, It’s pretty durable but it is slippery compared to the HTC which does have the metal finish.

[ROWAN] I reckon the S6 is a way better choice, I like the look of it more, the camera is way better, the screen looks nicer but I really did wish you could put SD cards in it.

[COREY] It would compliment the camera pretty well because if you where a photographer with this phone you could slip one of your SD cards in take a couple photos take it out and put it into another camera if you wanted to.

[ROWAN] But I really do wish that the S6 also had speakers on the front because I don’t see the point in having them on the bottom its just better when they’re on the front and it’s facing you.

[COREY] But taking in the price the S6 comes around $1,000 whereas the HTC is around $700 but if you are willing to spend the extra $300 the S6 it’s going to be a way better buy.

[COREY] Ok that’s all guys make sure you give me a like and rate on itunes and that’s all for this podcast.

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