Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung has been in the phone market since the 1990’s and obviously knows what they are doing when it comes to making and distributing mobile phones worldwide. They have had many hits in the phone market since the 1990’s including the popular flip phones that they were commonly known for creating.

Of course by now everyone has heard of their ever so popular and growing Galaxy S series. This series started with the galaxy S1 that was a very popular smart phone on the market. The series has seen a lot of varieties of the smart phones available, all the way up to the galaxy S4.

With the new addition being the Galaxy S4 Samsung has taken their flagship phone to the next level. Putting everything into one bundle for the world to enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that there are some faults in the phone as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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·      The S4 has a super crisp display, which makes being able to see everything clearer and easier with its stunning 5-inch (130mm) screen.

·      It also stocks a super fast Quad core, 1900 MHz Krait 300 processor. This makes the device super smooth to run for everyday use.

·      Another one of the great features Samsung has packed into their new device is a great camera. This 13-megapixel rear facing shooter makes it super nice to take general photos as well as some tricky shots that we all do from time to time.


·      The build quality has always been a talking topic for Samsung. This S4 has a very similar build quality to the S3. In the hand it feels cheap and it also feels as if it is made with very thin plastic.

·      With all these features that Samsung has included with their new device makes it a little bit difficult to navigate around the device. But in saying this is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

·      Another issue with having the S4 for some people is the speaker placement. The speaker is located at the rear of the device and when listening to music, videos etc. makes it very hard to hear.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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