Samsung Galaxy Gear 2-neo verses Peeble Time

Good day gentle men and gentle lady’s my name is Callum and your listening TECH NOW!!!! In this episode you are going listen to me talk yay. No but seriously im going to be reviewing two very useful gadgets. These are the Samsung gear 2-neo smart watch, and the pebble watch.

The smart watch industry has stormed the planet with their use of technology on your wrist. These watches and their use of technology are growing rapidly and nearly every company that makes smartphones now has their own smart watches.

The first watch is the Samsung Gear 2 Neo. and this watch is truly a good feel and look to it. Some very important specs and features to this watch are. This watch comes in various colours to show your mood off, these are charcoal black, mocha grey and a wild orange. All you need to do is change the straps around to fit your mooding and you will be on your way to being a stylish cat while also keeping up on your messages and emails. This watch doesn’t just do the basics it goes well beyond all the other competitors. You can click here to go to and learn more about the Gear 2 Neo.

You can Control your compatible TV with your Gear 2 Neo it has Water & Dust Protection and now you can enjoy music on the go.

The specs for this truly beautiful piece of technology, are it has a 1.6-inch display and a 300mAh battery. With a resolution of 320 by 320 with a weight of 55 g. now that’s light. Before I start talking about the other competitor if you would like more information than just check out Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch – Black (US Warranty)

This watch is a very nice piece but very expensive with a cost of $279.99 but that’s just for the watch. Now you people are probably-saying wow that’s expensive and yes it is but for all you guys and girls who cant afford it then there is a new cowboy in town.

Introducing the pebble time. With this watch only around 200 dollars this watch bring a whole new ball game to this world full of technology. It has 7 days yes 7 days battery life. Now that being said it is worth the money.

Whilst being cheap it has a feel to it as a cheap kids toy, it defiantly isn’t with some features of having a Compass, microphone with many languages with also stainless steel and silicone cases. To have a look at this amazing watch just go to. Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black)

All round these smartwatches are both effective and useful but if I had to choose one in would choose the Peeble time because for starters its cheap and useful. Comfortable, stylish and all round an amazing watch.

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