Prismacolor Pencil Set

Prismacolor Pencil Set

Prismacolor pencil set

Best pencil set 

prismacolor pencils 150

Prismacolor Pencils are one of the best coloured pencils you can buy today prismacolor performs spectacular when used by any kind of artist. This pencil set in particular contains 132 soft core coloured pencils and if you’re unaware of why these pencils are soft cored it is because they perform differently depending on what core they for this instance the soft core is easy to blend with other colours when you apply a bit of pressure to the pencil it also creates different texture to the drawing and its kind of the same circumstances when comes to the hard core pencils these ones also create a different texture but require a lot more pressure to create a smooth blend with other colours.



Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils, 132 Colored Pencils (4484)




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