Pebble and Gear Smartwatch

Pebble and Gear Smartwatch

The Pebble and Gear Review

We are at the beginning of the smartwatch revolution and this article will be looking at the Pebble and Gear smartwatches. The two newest wearable technology on the market. These watches serve the same purposes but operate different ways and have different features. The watches are for slightly different people and this will be explained. The Pebble has a more ordinary feeling while the Gear has a new ‘smarter’ spin on the watch, even though both watches are smartwatches. The Pebble is $150 and the Gear is $174. The star rating on Amazon for the Pebble and Gear is: Pebble 4 stars and the Gear is 4.2 stars. For this review we will be covering the pro’s, con’s, the companies and comparisons.


Pebble and GearPebble and GearPebble or Gear





Pro’s – Pebble

  • Easy to use.
  • Can connect to almost any device.
  • Display never goes off.
  • Has a great battery life of 5 – 7 days.
  • The price is great.

Con’s – Pebble

  • Has limited storage.
  • No battery indicator. Talking about software update to add this.
  • Not in the revolution of touch screens.

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Pro’s – Gear

  • Has a touch screen.
  • Full colour screen.
  • More storage with 4 GB.
  • Has features like a camera and mic.
  • Can take calls and respond to text messages.

Cons’s – Gear

  • Only splash proof with water.
  • Display may get annoying with it not continuously on.
  • Battery life lasts 25 hours. Must charge daily.
  • Watch may look weird and the band is not changeable.

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The Companies

The Pebble and Gear were developed from quite different companies. The Pebble is developed by Pebble Technology Corporation. Pebble is a very new business and raised money for their smartwatch by a kickstarter project. The Gear is developed by Samsung. Samsung is a very well known company and was founded in 1938. Samsung is one of the leaders in technology making phones, tablets, computers, televisions and more.

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Pebble Gear
E-paper display. AMOLED display.
Display always shows. Display standby goes to standby after a few seconds. Auto detects when watch is turned to face you and shows time which saves battery.
Battery lasts for 5 to 7 days depending on usage. Battery lasts for 25 hours. Needs to be charged daily.
In dark conditions you can do a quick flick of the wrist and the Pebble screen lights up. Gear works reasonably well in all conditions.
Band is changeable with any 22mm band. Cannot change band because speaker, camera and wires through the band.
Dimensions: 36mm width, 56mm length, 11.5mm depth. Weight: 38g. Screen size: 1.26 inch. Dimensions 36.8mm width, 56.6mm length, 11.1mm depth. Weight: 73.9g. Screen size: 1.63 inch.
Notifications. Notifications.
Can not take calls. Can take calls which seem to work reasonably well.
Cannot respond to texts. Gear can respond to texts using the S voice from an Android phone.
Waterproof with rain and shower etc. Only splash proof.
Can do what you expect from a normal watch. Can do what you expect from a normal watch.
Has a new developed app store with developers developing apps for all sorts of people including games. Has an app store but is limited.
Compatible – IOS & Android. Compatible – Select Samsung models with Note 3, Note 2, s4 and s3.
Design – Plastic. Design is bit better with stainless steel finish.
No camera. Has camera which is built into the band with a 1.9 megapixel.
No microphone. Has a mic which can be useful for recording.
No similar app pre-installed. May be an app on the pebble app store. Cool feature to find phone
Processor = 80MHz Processor = 800MHz
8 Slots for apps including added faces which means you can only install 8 things from apps to watch faces. 4 Gb Storage. 512 MB RAM.
Lots of 3rd-party apps. Has limited 3rd-party apps. gave it a 98 out of 100. gave it a 68 out of 100.
At the start of the year the Pebble app store had 2,200 apps. At the start of the year the Gear app store had 70 apps.


The Pebble and Gear are two smartwatches which will serve the same purpose. The Gear is bulky  and a little bit different than the ordinary watch. Before buying the Gear you need to consider if you have or are going to have one of the selected devices by Samsung. The Pebble has got that same watch feeling that you’re used to and is compatible with almost any device. The Pebble does come in at a cheaper price. Before purchasing you will also have to consider how you want the smartwatch too look. Both watches have some great features and both have some disadvantages. Are you a Pebble or a Gear?

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Pebble and Gear

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