NES classic edition review

The NES classic edition has a great new feature, Saving any game at any time! The console looks very polished and the outer design looks accurate to the original console. The following games are in alphabetical order and i will be doing a quick critical summary on each one and giving a score out of ten:

  • Balloon fight – 7/10 – Fun for quite a while, the controls are decent but i find many deaths and design choices to be cheap.
  • Bubble Bobble – 8/10 – Great arcade action with a buddy! Graphically lacking but it makes up with great 2-player action!
  • Castlevania – 9/10 – One of the greatest platformers on the system. Hard, awesome and incredibly rewarding!
  • Castlevania II – 3/10 – This mediocre sequel ruins the great original by having cryptic poorly translated dialogue and a map so samey and bland that you will give up in 20 minutes.
  • Donkey Kong – 8/10 – Its.. Its.. Donkey Kong! you know, jump barrels, climb ladders and have a good time.
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – 9/10 – Improves on it’s original in it’s level design and controls. It’s longer too!
  • Double Dragon II – 8/10 – 2-player arcade beat-em-up action! it’s held up very well and is still a game worth checking out if you’re interested in beat-em-ups.
  • Dr. Mario – 4/10 – Puzzle game… some like it, i don’t.
  • Excite Bike – 7/10 – Good, addictive biking action with the ability to make your own tracks! cool!
  • Final Fantasy – 5/10 – Paved the way for the popularity of JRPGs in future… Tropes, poor design and all.
  • Galaga – 9/10 – Good as, if not, better than Bubble Bobble. Blasting enemies in the ‘remix’ of space invaders is now in HD!
  • Ghosts n’ Goblins – 2/10 – Poor controls, single digit frame-rate, irritating music and sound effects as well as an insane difficulty keep this one from showing it’s qualities, if it had any.
  • Gradius – 7/10 – Scrolling space shooter featuring 8 levels of enemy ships, easter island statues and bullets… LOTS of bullets. Disappointed they chose this over Life Force though.
  • Ice Climber – 4/10 – Good level design, nice graphics and 2-player co-op is ruined by stiff controls, shame.
  • Legend of Zelda, The – 8/10 – The landmark adventure game, exploration, sword duels and a world that envelopes you completely overshadows the age of some mechanics, bring a guide!
  • Kirby’s Adventure – 10/10 – Platforming masterpiece, one of the greatest. Insane graphics, beautiful colours, fantastic music, 30 unique power-ups, tons of well-hidden secrets and huge sprites, best game on the system.
  • Kid icarus – 8/10 – You may find this game to be hideously simplistic. But there are so many complicated mechanics, item management and secret weapons to uncover. Not obtuse or poorly translated but difficult enough to figure out on your own. Pit’s control could use a bit of work though.
  • Mario bros. – 8/10 – Yeah! it’s S?u?p?e?r? Mario bros. (The one nobody remembers!) Surprisingly fun, revolutionary for it’s day and entertaining now. I’m only disappointed they chose this over the Europe only remake.
  • Mega Man 2 – 9/10 – It’s Mega Man 2! the one that got me and many others encapsulated in the awesome platforming, multiple paths and great music. Only slightly hampered by it’s punishing “continue” system.
  • Metroid – 5/10 – While it’s just as atmospheric crawling way through the huge alien labyrinth with only your wits (and a piece of map paper). Navigation, controls and some incredibly cryptic BS “secrets” stop this one from being a truly great game.
  • Ninja Gaiden – 9/10 – One word, HARD and brilliant. Similar to Castlevania in many respects but it’s unique cutscene-focused premise keeps this game interesting. Graphics are great and it’s so rewarding to beat!
  • Pac-man – 8/10 – Gobble dots, eat ghosts and score points. Every one and their goldfish has played this and it’s just as brilliant a premise as it was in 1983.
  • Punch-Out!!! – 8/10 – Huge sprites, hilarious dialogue and some truly cool opponents, Punch-out!!! won critics over with it’s addictive gameplay and Rocky inspired theme.
  • Super C – 9/10 – Fun, Awesome 2-player action at it’s finest. While many are disappointed that this box didn’t come with Contra instead, Super C improves by adding more, longer and far more detailed levels than it’s predecessor.
  • Super Mario Bros. – 8/10 – Yeah! it’s Super Mario bros.! addictive, lovingly designed levels and well hidden secrets (as well as exploits) have been meticulously designed to introduce gamers to their basic platforming experience.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – 8/10 – It’s Weird, wonderful and better-controlling sequel! This one offers much more than the first. There’s new additions too, like multiple characters and actual boss fights!
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – 10/10 – Gorgeous graphics, Superb level design and some truly fantastic power-ups for you to play around with. Second best game on the system, next to Kirby’s Adventure.
  • StarTropics – 9/10 – It’s like Legend of Zelda but with a longer playtime, better graphics and has aged far, far better.
  • Tecmo Bowl – 6/10 – Eh, a sports game. Very disappointed that Nintendo didn’t renew the licenses to the real footballers like the NES original. Graphics are okay and gameplay is entertaining.
  • Zelda II – 9/10 – What happens when you take Legend of Zelda, throw twice the difficulty and half the obscurity in with it? A even more immersing world than the first. With unique side-scrolling gameplay that makes fights far more interesting than the first. Be warned: It’s hard!

The NES classic edition is a console with 30 decent to great games and i recommend that you buy one here: Buy The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition


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