Nerf Vortex Diatron

Nerf Vortex Diatron








If you are looking for the perfect adventurous gift for a child, Nerf is the place to search. Nerf have created a strong and rather original gun. They have looked deeply into the specification of their previous creations and modified the errors to create a gun that customers would prefer. Nerf have incorporated the extra additions that customers have advised such as: large distance coverage, strong, a majority of the previous Nerf guns had a weaker fire for safely precautions. Therefore changing the strength and distance coverage and made the gun a lot larger and heavier than a regular pistol. A feature that is not very common in most guns is the amount of darts it can fire at once. Nerf made the diatron fire two disks at a time, which both turn in opposite directions, making it easier for one to shoot two objects at once. The diatron also includes extra slots for additional attachments, similar to the larger guns. Most of the smaller pistol don’t come with that option. The disk ejector is one primary feature of the diatron, if you jam the gun or load it on accident you can easily remove the disks with one simple slide. Thus, the Nerf diatron is an ideal pistol.

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Gun Shot 2Shot 3


  • Lower velocity
  • Safe to Use
  • Large distance coverage
  • Multi disk fire
  • Disk Ejector
  • Strong Fire
  • Retains the fun
  • Extra attachment areas
  • check out more features on 

Although it comes with its unique features the Nerf Diatron does have it’s cons. The daitron’s unique priming handle has had issues with jamming and refusing to return to its natural state. If the leaver is no pulled fully outwards it will therefore not return so you can fire. As you push on the priming mechanism the gun makes these unpleasant clicks as if it is about to break. This may cause you to be more cautious and end up not enjoying the use of the Nerf Gun. The is more less a large pistol gun, which weighs more than a regular nerf gun. It’s weight may make it harder for young ones to hold  and enjoy with one hand. Despite the appealing appearance of the nerf diatron and simultaneous double disk fire, it doesn’t have the option to simply shoot one disk at a time. It is also difficult to load the gun to its full capacity. Therefore the Nerf Diatron is a worth while gun but it does come with numerous issues.


Shot 5Shot 6


  • May lack accuracy
  • Hard to load to full capacity
  • Can’t shoot with just one disk
  • Priming mechanism is fiddly and feels breakable
  • Jamming frequently
  • Two discs short of a full clip, right out of the box


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