miles’ seed review: yellow pear tomatoes


more and more these day, it is imperative to find the best highest quality food for you and your family to enjoy.many types of fruit and vegetable have been genetically edited over the last few decades. the best way to ensure that you get the best possible food for you and your family is to grow it yourself. with these tomatoes you too can enjoy the delicious flavour of home grown tomatoes. completely free of GMO, chemicals and pesticides. these tomatoes are a heirloom variety that have been successfully grown in the USA for 20 years. 100% certified organic. you can rest assured that these will grow too! these seeds have been independently tested for high germination rates and exceed federal standards. pack contains fifty high quality seeds that will produce large fruit full plants. these plants are perfect for growing both in the garden and large Pots. ideal for hot climates, these plants require little attentions and are perfect for the lazy of stupid gardener. all your friends and family who taste these delicious and cute tomatoes would thing you had broken you back slaving over these fruits, but you can sit their smugly and enjoy the undeserved praise with these simple to grow tasty tomatoes. the kids will love them, they are bite sized and shaped like little pears, that release a burst of sweet flavour. you can feel good about your purchase too. a significant percentage of your money will be donated to projects that support the development of sustainable agricultural organic projects worldwide.


the only disadvantage that comes with this product is the fact that you need to wait for it to grow. as a gardener i know that it can be frustrating to wait for your first delicious fruits. I’ve been there, it does take some time. however trust me on this one, this is well worth the wait. respective to other plants, these tomatoes grow relatively quickly. i harvested my first fruit within 60-70 days. these plants require some minor effort. they need to be watered at least every two days and using a liquid fertiliser and a quality potting mix is advisable. stay vigilant for fungal disease as this variety tends to breather prone to them.


all up this plant variety is an environmentally friendly option for the health conscious and the connoisseur as well as the amateur gardener such as myself.

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