Matricom G-Pad EX Wireless USB Rechargeable Pro Game Pad Joystick w/3D Feedback vs Logitech Gamepad F710

Matricom controller vs Logitech controller

Today I will be talking about two different remote controllers for the PC. The first one is the Matricom controller and the second one is the Logitech controller. I own the Logitech controller but I don’t own the Matricom controller.

How I will compare them

I will compare them on different thinks. First I will compare them on aesthetics or how it looks. Second will be the reliability of it and how well it works. Here I will look at how other people will judge the Matricon controller because I do not own one myself. Third will be the features of the controllers.


I am now going to compare the aesthetics of the two controllers. First the shape of the controllers. The Matricon remote is like an Xbox one controller so it sits in your hand will but the Logitech has the traditional shape of a PC controller but still sits will in your hand. They have different types of buttons. With the Logitech controller the buttons A, B, Y and X have a solid color and so the letters are hard to see. For the Matricon controller the buttons are mostly black and have the letters a set to color so they are easier to see. With the distance between the buttons are different for the two controllers. The Logitech controller have them closer together but the Matricon controller have them further apart. Over all I prefer the Matricon controller when it comes to the Aesthetics.


I will now look at the features of the two controllers. They are both wireless and use USB but the Logitech USB head is smaller then the Matricon USB head. The Matricon controller is rechargeable but the battery would not last as long as normal battery’s.


I will now compare the reliability of the two controllers. I personally prefer the brand Logitech because I find a reliable brand and I have had no problems with the controller. Even by the reviews I see the Logitech controller seems more reliable then the Matricon controller.


Over all the Logitech controller is my preference and also has more sales. The both have good aesthetics but I prefer Matricon controller in this part. For the features the Matricon controller has more. For the reliability the Logitech controller is better. Overall the Logitech controller is better because it has good aesthetics and the basic features but the reliability is great for gaming.

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