Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Amplifier


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The Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Battery Amplifier stands 15cm tall and 11cm wide and 6cm deep meaning it is extremely compact and portable. Because these amps are so small they are 1 watt. These portable amplifiers have three main knobs –volume, tone and gain control which help you better find the sound that you want. This amp also has a headphone output if you are looking to rock out in private. The MS-4 is finished in traditional Marshall black, with white logo and gold panel.

Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Battery Amplifier

Advantages:                                                                    Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 5.03.21 pm

  • Small/Compact/portable
  • Can run off battery or mains
  • Great in small rooms
  • Looks great with the Marshall logo
  • You can use effects pedals with it
  • Has a headphone output


  • The sound quality isn’t the greatest but it is okay considering it’s a small speaker
  • The gain distorts the sound quite dramatically when it is turned up.
  • The stand can be difficult to set up


Overall the MS-4 amplifier is very compact and portable meaning you can take it pretty much anywhere with you. I think that this amp would be perfect if you are intending to be busking on the street or you just want a small amplifier that you can put into your cupboard after you have finished jamming out. It is a great amp for people that have just started playing guitar because of its low price and capability. Because it is so light you can also easily take it into any room in your house or your friends. On the down side the sound quality isn’t the greatest and this will sometimes not give justice to what you are playing through it. I have purchased one of these amplifiers and I’m impressed that a small speaker like this is actually pretty decent considering. Personally I have performed in front of around 30 people with this amp and they were able to hear what I was playing fine and it lived up to my expectations. The obvious tone and drive etc. are not the only way that you can change the sound of the Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Battery Amplifier. You can easily attach effect petals to this amplifier, which could possibly create the sound that you have been searching for in an amplifier. Another great quality about this amp is that is has a headphone output so If the speaker sound isn’t up to your expectations you can always just plug your headphone in and jam out through them instead of amps speakers.

The Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Amplifier is a great speaker with many functions and capabilities. I would recommend this amplifier to anyone that’s starting out and is looking for an amp that sounds all right at an affordable price.

Marshall MS4 Mini Micro Full Stack Battery Amplifier

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