How To Make A Living Room Under $3000?

The total cost of this living room is $2230-$3050.


To achieve a fantastically stylish living room for under $3000 simply buy these 8 items. All of these items are suited for each other so that it looks great and they’re incredibly affordable. If you like you can even change the colours of some of the items for your choice of taste, this can be done on ( but this may slightly increase their cost. The 8 items are a couch, a coffee table, two side tables, a carpet, a 55-inch television , a tv-unit, an xbox one and two ceiling fans. Also you could add some paintings to spice up the room!  The choice of the paintings if yours – here is a link of some of the paintings to fit the style of the furnishings and to fit your price. (  

The 8 Items are


Pros: With pocket inner spring coils for extra supportive seats; quality poly fiber fill in seat and back cushions. It also has a mini bed on the end, if you ever need a nap.

Cons: Assembling at home is required but comes with all the tools you need to build the couch.

It is a sofa 3-person sofa, and oversized 38-by-26-inch ottoman; includes 2 accent pillows and hardwood frames covered in dark brown faux leather; cushions upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber.







Pros: A huge amount of storage space, strong materials which ensure a durable product.

Cons: Assembling is required, however all tools required are supplied.  Sharp edges may need to be covered to prevent injury by small children.   

A table with 3 drawers and the colour is espresso. The Dimensions are 47″ W x 23.25″ D x 17″ H


Side Table

Two side tables are included in the price.

Pro: Huge amount of storage space and areas and made of strong materials which prevents marking and scuffing and prolongs the life of the side table.

Cons: The side table may take a while to build but it comes with all the tools you will need, the corners are quite sharp and may need protection for young children.

These side tables have two drawers each: the colour of the drawer is espresso and the dimensions of  each drawer is 21.67″ W x 19.67″ D x 19.67″ H.

Price 2 for $175-$275


Pros: Reviews of this carpet have raved with praising the comfort and feel of the carpet, which means it not only looks great but will be fantastic to sit and lay on.  This carpet has been made of quality material as well as a quality production which means the wool is study and won’t fall off easily. The carpet is also very affordable.

Cons: The colour of the actual carpet might not the exactly the same colour as soon, as brightness and colour of your computer monitor can show a slightly different colour.

The carpet is 80cm in height and 120cm in length.



Pros: This 55 inch television is incredibly affordable for its size, this TV is very strong and hard to break. Also this TV has a very clear screen and it does not glitch.  

Cons: The television weighs 39.4 pounds, so therefore it might be very heavy. The TV has a shipping fee of $24.99 .

The brand name is VIZIO. The colour of the TV is black. The TV is made in America. Also you will need 2 AAA batteries but they come with the product.


shipping $24.99

Tv Unit

Pros: The TV unit is the perfect size for the TV and is made of study material so the TV is safe and secure and also it is very easy to assemble. It also comes with all the tools required to build the TV unit.

Cons: One of the cons is that you can see the wall behind the top shelf which may not be suitable for some people.

The dimensions of the TV unit is 16Lx58.25Wx16.75H. In inches. The weight of this item is 59 pounds and the TV unit is made out of wood. Also this TV unit can only hold a TV under 60 inches.



Pros: This xbox is an incredibly good price for this very latest piece of gaming technology.  Owning this xbox also means that a separate DVD player is not required as it is DVD compatible.

Cons:  The Xbox one includes: a 500GB hard drive, a Xbox One Kinect Sensor, full-game digital downloads of Dance Central Spotlight, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Zoo Tycoon, a Xbox One Wireless Controller, a 3.5mm headset jack, a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold, AC Power Cable and a HDMI Cable.


Ceiling Fan

Pros: The fan has a lifetime warranty on the motor and a 2 year warranty on anything else.  It provides cooling as well as being a stylish fashion piece added design flair to the room.

Cons: the weight of the fan is quiet heavy as it weighs 9kg.

The fan has 5 fins and it weighs 19 pounds. The dimensions of the fan are 52 x 52 x 13.8 inches. The colour of the fan is chrome and also the material is metal and glass. The type of bulb is Halogen.

Price of 2 is $275-$350


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