Koolatron mini fridge


The koolatron KWC is retro stylish and fantastic little fridge for any room. Store your chilled coke in style WARNING THIS IS NOT DESIGNED FOR PEPSI. With a small exterior length and width and a large interior width for larger storage of coke cola.



-High storage capacity

-Power saving design

-Fits in every room

-No need to add ice to coke

-Low temperature storage

If you desire a vintage retro coke refrigerator then this is most defiantly the fridge for you.



It is a small machine for large groups

-Its seals may fail after a few years

-It is fragile

-It is hard to clean

-Its cord is not long enough


This is one of the most iconic symbols in drink history if you are a lover of the drink coke then this machine is a must buy it makes any room sparkle and glow and best of all its not very noisy. With a retro look like this you may as well be living in the 60’s! This mini fridge is a requirement for any man cave or living room for quick hydration for the family or your friends buy the koolatron.


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