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The United Cutlery Gil Hibben Survivor Bowie Knife has a 10 inch stainless steel fixed blade and comes with a leather sheath. It has a clip point and a plain blade edge. It’s handle is made of micarta with a total length of 15 inches. It is good for close encounters with pigs or any other animals that you really don’t want to be up close and personal with. This wonderful looking knife originates from China. It can be found on Amazon at:


 Picture This!

You’re out hunting with your child or a close friend, you spot a big boar about 10 metres away. You peer through your scope lining what you think is a perfect shot, you pull the trigger thinking that this will be your first kill when all of a sudden the pig is spooked by your son standing on a twig and is now charging towards you. You drop your gun knowing that there’s no way you could possibly hit it while its running at such speeds. You then reach to your thigh to pull out your Gil Hibben Bowie Knife, you time it right and with the adrenaline running through your veins, you side step the pig but quickly plunging the knife into the Pigs side piercing straight into its heart. Thanks to your quick reflexes and your amazing knife you managed to slay the pig while also protecting your self as well as your child/close friend.


Other knife reviews:

(5 Star)

By Ed H. from Cleveland OH

August 19, 2014

Blade arrived as expected new in the box, factory oiling still on the blade. Feels great in the hand & great balance. Sheath is much better quality than expected! If you are looking for a BFK for the zombie attack or a serious hunting or outdoorsman/ camping knife this is it!

(5 Star)

By Barry S. from Raleigh, NC

January 3, 2014

Very nice and has a quality edge when it arrives. Be aware it is big so for some they may not like that. I love the size and quality of knife. It is a great tool for building shelters and making fires. It is so nice that some may not want to use or put it through the normal tests to see how it holds up. It has three holes so you can easily secure to large sturdy piece of wood to make a fearsome spear. This is not for the faint of heart or weekend warriors. Worth the money and you will like the way it feels in your hand. I myself like a large knife and have no problem carrying more than one knife. So, I would most likely have this one and a little smaller one like mentioned in the Survival Knife article by Knife Depot; it is an excellent and informative piece if you want to learn more about which knives to choose when looking for the perfect one for your taste and planned usage.
(5 star)

By Michael D. from Kansas

July 12, 2014

This is one of the nicest, well crafted and durable knives that I’ve ever owned. It is a great addition to my collection.





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