KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender Review

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

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My KitchenAid Hand Blender has definitely come to my rescue a few times. I enjoy the convenience of not having excessive kitchen appliances, and all of the attachments work well to complete the job. It helps with the washing up, too! One of my helpful experiences with the hand blender was when I was making a cake, and other party foods, for my sister’s birthday party. I was able to make all of the food in less time than I would have with many appliances, and the party guests pretty much loved everything I had made (the spinach patties were quickly rejected). Plus, I was able to utilise the containers by putting smaller snacks and dips in them.

Features of the Hand Blender:

The KitchenAid Hand Blender has three interchangeable bell blades included, that perform many different processes. All of the attachments and functions are listed below:

  • Frother/Beater Blade – froths milk for nice cappuccinos, blends up batters for cakes, pancakes and muffins/cupcakes

  • Multipurpose Blade – crush ice, shred meat, grind vegetables

  • S-Blade – blend smoothies, make baby food, puree soups and sauces, and even more!

  • Whisk – whip egg whites and cream, make emulsifications (mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, etc.)

All of these are included in the purchase of this product, along with a carry case, blending pitcher, chopper attachment, and an attachable pan guard for the blades.

More features include:

  • Durable plastic and stainless steel construction

  • Comfortable non-slip grip

  • 5-speed design

  • Quiet, powerful motor for lasting, controlled use


One of the things I think was a great idea for KitchenAid (see company below) to incorporate into this product was the blades and tools. This increases the functionality of the hand blender, and provides easy cleaning and storage, especially since the product comes with its own carrying case. This also means that it is easily transported, and decreases the chance of cutting yourself while getting the blades out, plus, you’re able to look at all of the attachments without the inconvenience of digging through the cupboard to find them. All of the attachments are really great inclusions that bump up the functionality and value of this product as well. The KitchenAid Hand Blender allows a wide range of movement, and the blades have an attachable pan guard so that non-stick cookware isn’t scratched during the blending process. Last but not least, the motor is quiet, but powerful. The satisfaction of the customer was definitely thought about when it comes to this hand blender.

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Through exploring products, I have discovered that everything has a good side, but it also has a bad side. The KitchenAid Hand Blender is no exception. It is a step down on quality from the last generation of hand blenders produced by KitchenAid, even though it functions better. One annoyance is that the knob is more difficult to grip. It has a flat, smooth finish, which makes it tough to hold while blending if you need to change the speed. The cord also gets in the way if you don’t blend with a certain technique. Along with that, the chopper lid/top doesn’t lock into the motor housing – it just sits on top and lifts off sometimes while blending. In terms of the overall manufacturing, the hand blender is made of plastic and other non-metal parts, and they feel cheap. I wouldn’t recommend it to people with arthritis because the speed dial is stiff and the button is tough to push.


KitchenAid has been producing quality products since the company started in 1919. It is now under the ownership of Whirlpool Corporation, with products being manufactured in a variety of places, including (but not limited to) Ohio, South Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, Ontario, and Quebec. KitchenAid’s logo is ‘For the Way it’s Made’. Click here to visit the KitchenAid website.


Overall, I think the KitchenAid Hand Blender is a good product. It provides great functionality and usage, but not good quality. If KitchenAid were to produce a hand blender that had metal gears and parts, better grip, and other upgrades that are included in previous models, it would probably be perfect. There are varied opinions of the KitchenAid Hand Blender, but my best advice is to test it out yourself.

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