Kitchen iQ knife sharpener

This product is good use for families with not much space in their kitchen. The v grip on this product is for the corner of the counter or can be used on a flat surface as well on the corner of a table. Provides a proper sharpening angle for a good sharpen each time. comes with non slip rubber feet for stability and comfort for you to use. Very lightweight to carry everywhere.


  • V grip for corner of the counter.
  • Proper sharpening angle every time.
  • Soft grip handle for control.
  • Straight edge blades only.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stainless steel and soft touch accents.

Very tiny and easy to store in the kitchen. Works well with all types of knives. Very lightweight and inexpensive. Better than the normal product that you would buy to sharpen your knives. After a long time of using this product it still looks like and feels like its brand new. Easy to use.


“After pulling my knife through the sharpener, it did indeed get very sharp” – Jack

“After 4 months of using this product, it still works perfectly and my knives are always in the perfect shape” – ACH

“As a former professional chef, i would say that for the money, this is the BEST product for the kitchen i have seen in years!!”

– Dwight E. Schmuck

“This is a fantastic product. It’s inexpensive, ergonomically friendly, and sharpens very well.” – Bill D

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