Kids Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale

Have you struggled on Christmas year after year with expensive, easy to break presents for your children? Well now there is a new toy ideal for you! This Morphibians Killer Whale can now drive over rocks on land, in dirt and all thanks to is awesome durable design it now has the ability to swim in water, mud and really any sort of liquid substance. The Kid’s Galaxy Morphibians is NOW out in the Killer Whale version. If your child is not into killer whales then this toy come in other cool morphing animals to purchase a gator, or a awesome shark.  Click here to purchase this amazing toy.


  • Upgraded to a 4×4 for climbing over rocks and through mud.
  • Suitable for years 5+
  • Can NOW ‘morph’  and swim in water.
  • Come with fully equipped remote control.
  • Functions just like a $400 remote control car.
  • Special tyres  with paddles fully certified for swimming
  • Mesh skin for a realistic Whale-like look.
  • For more features check it out on

The Kids Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale is a fully functioning remote control car. It can operate both in and out of water, making it the ultimate remote control vehicle. You will not be able to find a car as cheap as this one with the ability of morphing, truly makes it a one of a kind and suitable for your young son or daughter.

customers thought

“I contacted customer service and the woman I spoke with was SO helpful and kind, she sent out a replacement remote right away.”

“Out of the 6 cars I bought this one is by far my favourite.”

All round this fantabulous toy is a great gift for your son or daughter on their next birthday, the only disadvantage of this toy is it is too much fun and you wont be able to resist it. You will be on the floor having a killer whale of a good time.

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 Other Models

To check out the gator model click here To check out the sharks model click here

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