iPhone 6S vs Samsung S6

 Hi! My name is Rebekah and today I will be comparing and reviewing two highly prominent products in the cell phone world. Which is better: iPhone 6S vs Samsung S6. Constantly compared, the iPhone 6S vs Samsung S6 each have such a large fan base that it has almost become a war between the two. My mum has an iPhone 6S whereas my dad has a Samsung S6 and they are continually bickering over which phone does a better job; so in this review I will be basing the comparisons on the criteria of attractiveness, usability and features.


Firstly, both phones have a sleek exterior which is aesthetically pleasing as well practical. I have to say that the appearance of the iPhone 6S has my vote as it is simply stunning in any colour! The iPhone comes in four different colours: gold, rose-gold, silver and grey. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also available in four colours of black, white, gold and blue. Either colour on either phone is bound to go with any outfit! Both phones have up to 128GB storage but while the Samsung has 3GB of RAM, the iPhone only has 2GB. The Samsung has a better display in relation to colours and size but it levels out when iPhone has a way faster frame-per-second rate for smoother graphics and easy gaming. Camera wise, the Samsung has one of the best cell-phone cameras out there. Comparing the Samsung’s 16 Megapixel camera to the Apples 12 Megapixel camera, the Samsung takes the cake for all of your pet pics and landscape shots. However, both phones only have a 5 Megapixel forward-facing camera.



Moving on to software that may be a deciding point for some people, the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy 6S each have some pretty unique features. The iPhone 6S has a new feature called 3D touch. This enables a number of shortcuts from the home screen to make accessing a number of apps more precise and efficient. A negative side to this feature may be that by the time you open the shortcut, you may have taken the same time or even longer to open the app via the shortcut. This feature also makes the iPhone 6S slightly thicker than the iPhone 6. In summary the 3D touch feature is something to get used to and although you might not use it every time you use your phone it may save you a couple seconds opening an app. Samsung has features that are purely based on the functionality and usability of the phone. Features such as multitasking using split-screen technology makes everyday tasks a breeze. Every feature on the Samsung is credibly thought out to ensure that they will be used in every day life. The iPhones features are at the same point of complexity as the Samsung although they are just less usable in an everyday task. Both phones have new and ground-breaking technology that would make any phone fanatic go crazy.


In the iPhone 6S vs Samsung S6 debate more deciding factors for potential buyers may be things like price, battery life and sound quality. These things are personal preferences although they are pretty much similar for both phones. Either phone is perfect for day-to-day personal use or even business use but it all depends on which phone suits your budget and your purpose. Many users and reviewers have opted for the Samsung over the iPhone for the functionality and usability but the iPhone is still a highly commended piece of technology.

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