iPhone 5c Review

The iPhone 5c is an older iPhone model, that has a colorful body and good screen quality. It’s perfect for people looking for a phone that’s easy to use, nice to hold and look at. It’s one of the most affordable iPhones, and it’s easy to use, so this phone works best for younger people.


The iPhone 5c’s best features are its 8-megapixel camera, smooth OS, build quality and excellent screen. It also has a plastic body and is easier to hold and less likely to break if it’s dropped. The iPhone 5c is great for the average person, it’s easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of added features to make it a complicated or technical phone. It’s also cheaper than most iPhones, so loyal Apple customers might enjoy the 5c.


The iPhone 5c isn’t a huge upgrade from the other iPhone 5’s. The colorful plastic can be annoying for some people, and the 8 GB storage can be small for power-users who like downloading a lot of apps. However, it makes up for its small storage with its long battery life and smooth OS.


The iPhone 5c has a great camera and OS that makes life easier for the average person. It’s not overly technical, there aren’t many added features compared to other models. It works best for taking photo’s and using it as communication for work and travel. Depending on how much storage you need in a phone, this may or may not be the phone for you.

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