HTC vive VS Oculus Touch

The Oculus touch, It is a very comfortable controllers easy to hold but i think they saw how much the htc vive sold so they wanted to make the same thing but for less the money because they sold it for less money that means it won’t be as good as the htc vive controllers these controllers are very good but if you want to play a really fast games the controllers can sometimes slip up.


The htc vive, Yes it does cost a lot, Yes you do need a good pc to run it but when you get everything you need the games runs so well with almost no lag, But the coord is very annoying you need to buy this thing for your roof to make it so you don’t trip over the cords i don’t know why they just don’t make it com with that.


The Oculus touch, They basically copied the htc vive but it is the best choice for sitting down gameplay because it supports it better, the htc vive does do the same but it is not as good as the Oculus, One of the best things the htc vive cn do it can know where the edge of your room is so you don’t run into a wall in the game.

The fit for the htc vive is Adjustable headset strap, fits most glasses, 2 eye relief adjustments: lens distance from eye & interpupillary distance. The fit for Oculus Touch, Fits glasses, interpupillary distance adjustment


The thing is you can use the htc vive with steam so it’s super easy to find games to play on there but on the oculus you can’t use, lots of games on steam have htc vive compatibility so some game you have already bought you could play. (and for all the minecraft fans out there) you can also play minecraft on the htc vive and play with people who are playing on a computer


The htc vive has motion sensing because you put these little cameras around your room so it can know where you are better than just using the motion sceneing it can also tell you if you are close to a wall it can see the walls up to 5m long you could be in a room what is 5x5x5 and it could still tell you where the walls are just from one camera but if your room is bigger you can buy more than 1 of them to make the area bigger


If you want to take the htc vive to a friends it is very hard to get it all unplugged and pack it all up the it does not come with a box to take it around with you you will have to buy a box from amazon or make one yourself. With the oculus it comes with a case you can easy pack up and take out there are not many cords for it so easy mobility.


If you are planing to buy on of these and you have never tried vr  you should buy the htc vive the experience is way better slow to set up but much more smooth. Htc vive has to be the best vr out there because of it great controllers smooth game play, and you computer does not have to be a $5000 dollar computer you can buy sets what come with the computer so i think you should buy the htc vive.

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