Honeywell Mistmate Cool Air Humidifier

The Honeywell HUL520W Mistmate Cool Mist Humidifier

The mistmate gets 4/5 Stars

What is a mistmate:

The Honeywell mist mate is a cool mist humidifier that adds moisture to the dry air you breath.


The Honeywell has an easy to adjust nob so that you can adjust the level of moisture that suits you, its really easy to use a baby could use it.Holds up to 0.5 gal. Of water and runs up to 18 hours per tank filling. The Honeywell mistmate is filter, less which makes it easy to use and clean

The mistmate releases a visible cool mist and the mistmate is super quiet and you can barley hear it, so you can run it with minimal operation sound, and it runs up to 20 hours without filling, the mistmate also turns off by its self when it runs out of water, means that you can leave it and not worry about it wasting power. And this mistmate has a 2-year warranty so that if it breaks you can get a new one.

Why you should buy a mistmate:

In the winter the humidity gets really low and dry which can be bad for you, dry air can lead to irritated sinuses and throat, dry skin and itchy eyes. You are also more at risk at getting colds and flues and other infections, and in low humidity some viruses may be able to survive longer which increases your risk of getting an infection, with the Honeywell mistmate you can make it more humid and less dry. The mistmate will decree your chance of getting flues and viruses and dry skin.

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Width 8.63 inches

Height 9.5

Depth 8.25

Weight 2.7 pounds

Recommended room size 150 square feet

Colours White, Red, Blue, Black

Humidifier type cool mist




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