Hamilton Beach blender Review

The Hamilton blender, and easily portable blender that slices and dices. In this Hamilton Beach single serve blender will make you your whole meal into a liquid for quick on the go type of people. Its small and compacted, yet it is efficient and effective. It can do almost all tasks that are required, it makes soothes, thick shakes and more. The jug is detachable which means you can take it in your car or take it to work. If you want to heat up your portable meal just stick it in the oven with the detachable bowl, or to cool it down quicker, you can stick the detachable bowl in the freezer. In this article we will be discussing the pros and the cons, some basic information and its rating and general reviews.

Price tends to range from: 15 to 25 dollars


  • Portable
  • Can make custom smoothies
  • takes up no space
  • can make a single serve meal in under 30 seconds


  • wires must be taken care of other wise damage is a possibility
  • needs to be stored properly with lid appropriately attached
  • lid has been known to crack if not cared for
  • the rubber surrounding cord has been know to get stripped
  • very uneconomical to repair is broken

Feed Back and reviews

Jesus Rodriguezon a review critic on amazon and various other sites said “I will never drink another home-made protein shake unless I’ve used this blender.”

Another critic also stated “I bought this blender to replace an aging Magic Bullet blender, and the difference is phenomenal. This blender has over triple the power (700 watts) and blends ice and frozen fruits with ease. The pitcher is large enough for making big smoothies – the glass pitcher holds 40 ounces (5 cups).” This was said by Gina B



All round the Hamilton beach blender is convenient to have at your kitchen table, although it is knowing to be loud at times the blades are able to crush ice leaving you with ice cold smoothie. With Its quick detachable lid, it can have the potentiality to go anywhere, in the car, at the work place. If your meal needs to be hot just position it in the microwave and let it cook This product is reasonably priced and you should consider buying this convenient processor. In this Hamilton beach I have concluded that this product is worth buying, and will last if taken care of properly.

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