GTX770 – Asus or Gigabyte?

GTX 770 comparison between Asus and Gigabyte

Hello views this is Flynn and this is my podcast, I’ll be speaking to you about which GPU is better out of Asus or Gigabyte in the GTX 770 Chip series.

The way I’ll find out which one is better is by comparing the performance and the features that each chipset has to offer.

If you are thinking of GTX 770 GPU card for your custom computer or just thinking of upgrading then you should probably want one either from Asus or Gigabyte but I’m here to tell you which one is better then the other by comparing what they are good at.

Ok so first off is the Asus version, which has a much better cooling design then the Gigabyte one so there shouldn’t be the problem of over heating cause to be honest that’s actually really annoying and it also comes with extra features that no other GPU has in the chip series has to offer, while the Gigabyte one seems to have better performance

Alright now its time to compare the specs of both GPU cards so the core clock or normally how fast it goes for the Asus seems to be a little lower at 1058MHz while the Gigabyte is 1137 MHz and also it seems like it’s the same case in the over clock or boost clock with the Asus at 1110MHz and the Gigabyte still in the lead at 1189MHz and the memory size is both 2 GB, while both have the same 256bit graphics so yep, then the power supply that is needed for both cards, the Gigabyte seems to be 600W while the Asus is half that at 300W and the memory type is both of them are the exact same GDD5’s

Alright as I said Gigabyte does have a better over clock and normal speed then the Asus version Which still over clocks pretty well but still not as good, but all the features it has does add up and in my opinion the Asus version would be a better purchase because of all that, but if your more focused on over clocking you GPU or Graphics card then maybe Gigabyte would be a good option

Now thank you for listening and see you next time

Here are the two products:

ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 GeForce GTX770 2GB GDDR5 256-bit, DVI-I/DVI-D/ HDMI/DP PCI-Express 3.0 SLI ready Graphic Card OC-selected 1110MHz core Gigabyte GTX 770 GDDR5-4GB 2xDVI/HDMI/DP OC WINDFORCE 3X Graphics Card GV-N770OC-4GD


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