GoPro vs 3Sixt Action Camera


When comparing the GoPro vs 3Sixt action cameras many people think GoPro’s are better because they are more well known but this may not be true. We will be discussing the pros and cons of both the ite2ms to evaluate which is better.

To start off with we will be talking about the GoPro. In many ways the GoPro is a great investment but it does have its flaws. Such as the range of competitors making better products for cheaper prices, as well as the battery pack can overheat. But it is not just all bad, the GoPro does have many qualities that other action cameras don’t, such as the diverse range of camera lens options. So all in all it is a great camera.

Secondly we have the 3Sixt action camera, although this camera is not as well known it is still a great camera. It has many qualities that the GoPro also has but it also has many that the GoPro doesn’t. Such as the ability to show the image through the phone and the the variety of extensions. But it is not as well advertised as the GoPro. The GoPro is not getting as much revenue, because it is only media to advertise. this means it is losing customers because most other retailers use other forms of advertisement as well as media.

GoPro Vs 3Sixt – The Review


Price: $500-600


  • Well known
  • Great range of products
  • Very reliable besides the few flaws it has


  • Has flaws although not many
  • Advertising through media and not other advertisement techniques
  • Overheating battery packs


Price: $100-150


  • Well advertised
  • Cheaper than a GoPr0
  • Many of the qualities of the GoPro are similar


  • Not as well advertised as the GoPro
  • Not as big a range of products as the GoPro
  • Hasn’t got a built-in display like the GoPro does

So in conclusion when you compare the GoPro vs 3Sixt, I think the 3Sixt is of much better value because of its price.

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