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Google Home is a wifi-enabled hands-free speaker that is powered by Google Assistant. Simple voice requests can prompt Google Home to play music, radio and podcasts from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Pandora and Tunein. Thanks to Google’s rich history in search, Home has the ability to answer your questions just by asking ‘Ok Google’. Google Home can help you with practical tasks, like doing calculation, looking up definitions, translating and much much more. If you’re not a morning person, Google Home can help you by setting alarms and timers, and if you tend to travel on the road frequently, before you walk out the door,  you can ask Google about traffic conditions and the distance to your destination.

When compared to it’s fellow competitor, the Amazon Echo, the Google Home manages to be one step ahead when it comes to learning about you, the owner. Google, through many of its services like Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Maps will gradually learn about you offering you recommendations and learn about your weekly routines.

In comparison to the Amazon Echo, Google Home’s replies are more conversational than the Echo which will make you have the feeling that you have a personal assistant. Similar to the Echo, Google Home can control your smart devices for examples lights, thermostats, tv’s and many more even Google’s own Chromecast. The Home doesn’t connect to as many devices as the Echo, as the Home is still in its early days.

Key Features

  • Voice Activation
  • Built-in speaker
  • Controls smart appliances (Chromecast, SmartThings, Nest, Philips Hue)                                                           
  • Plays music from compatible services (Spotify, Google Play Music, Tunein, Pandora, Youtube Music)
  • Access to Google’s services (Calendar, Keep, Maps)
  • Conversational replies
  • Entertainment (Music, Games, Jokes)

The Google Home can be used by anyone, but families would use it more often. For the young kids, the Home can play trivia games and read stories.  For the families with teens, Alexa provides unlimited music & tools suiting their education and entertainment.

If you don’t what the standard black and white for the Home, bases are available in several different colours to suit your style and your room.

The Google Home is available online and at many retailers and sits around $100-150 as of Feb 2017. The Home was released on the 4 November 2016.

If you are looking to buy the best smart devices that money can currently buy, the Google Home won’t disappoint you, offering nearly as many services as it’s competitor, Amazon Echo. However, currently the Amazon Echo is one step ahead of the Google Home as shown above.

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