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What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a new and exciting piece of technology with a myriad of practical features. It is more then likely that you already have an idea of what Google Glass is if your a fairly switched on kind of person. if not, allow me to explain to you now what Google Glass is. The simplest way to describe Google Glass is this: Google Glass is like having your smartphone strapped to your head! this may sound stupid but I guarantee that you will have fallen in love with google Glass by the end of this review.

What is Google:

Before I proceed to talk about Google Glass, i’ll provide you with some background information on Google and what they do. Everyone knows that Google is a search engine, and that is true but there’s a bit more that Google does. Google also has email services (Gmail) makes the android operating system for mobile devices, and makes various other apps and websites for a heap of different purposes (Google maps, Google Drive, photo editing software and Google Chrome). But all of this is nothing compared to Google Glass- why? read on to find out!

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