Google Glass, eyewear of the future, review!

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass for sale at last!


What is Google Glass

Google Glass is a new and exciting piece of technology with a myriad of practical features. It is more then likely that you already have an idea of what Google Glass is if your a fairly switched on kind of person. If not, allow me to explain to you now what Google Glass is. The simplest way to describe Google Glass is this: it’s  like having your smartphone strapped to your head! This may sound stupid but I guarantee that you will have fallen in love with this product by the end of this review.


  1. Price, $1300 upwards
  2. Battery doesn’t last a full day
  3. People may consider it a privacy breach
  4. Will be a target for thieves
  5. Google Glass can cause headaches on some people


Google Glass is an excellent piece of technology. It is extremely advanced and has many good features. Glass is very expensive though and has a few liabilities, such as it being a target for thieves and a potential breach of privacy. Glass would be very useful for a busy person and people who need that extra bit of help in life. Technology like this is not just for the geeks, its for the normal people like me and you. It will change the way you interact with the world forever. So go ahead and buy one have fun with your google Glass!

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