Google Chromecast VS Amazon Fire TV

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Google Chromecast VS Amazon Fire TV


Hello everybody, as you know I’m Tegan and today you are listening to my brand new podcast.


So today I’m going to be comparing two digital media players. These media players are Chrome cast and Amazon Fire TV. These two media players are alike in many ways but also very different too. So if you’re interested feel free to keep listening.


So first I’m just going to give you a basic overview of these two media players, just so you know exactly what they are and how they work. First, lets talk about Chrome cast.


Chrome cast is a digital media player developed by Google. Chrome cast is pretty much just a tiny, affordable HDMI Stick that uses a wireless connection to cast your phone or computer screen to your TV screen. Sounds cool right? It gets better. You know when you miss a TV show and then have to watch it on a tiny little phone screen; well now thanks to chrome cast you can watch the replay, on your TV screen. It’s like you never missed the show in the first place. That’s a pretty basic description of chrome cast but I think you get it anyway so lets move on. > Click here to purchase Chromecast <

Amazon Fire TV, on the other hand, is also a digital media player, but instead of a HDMI Stick, Amazon Fire TV is a micro console developed by This system is designed to stream digital audio and video content to a high definition television. Much like its competitor Chrome cast. You can also use the included remote or an optional controller to play games via a mobile app. Amazon Fire TV is a very handy system to have but not lets get into the juicy stuff and see if its better or worse than its competition. > Click here to purchase Amazon Fire TV <


Now that you know what Chrome cast and Amazon Fire TV are, we can start comparing them and figure out which one is the best. Now I’m definitely no expert on these two devices but my brother recently purchased Chrome cast and from my experience I think its pretty good. I haven’t ever used Amazon Fire TV but from customer reviews I think it sounds great too. Now because I haven’t experienced Amazon Fire TV I decided to get an expert on the device to give me a hand, unfortunately they couldn’t make it today but they help me out a ton by sending me in their review of the product.


So the review starts off, “From my experience I love Amazon Fire TV, I first decided to purchase it after going to a business convention for work and seeing one of the presenters use it to show us the stock market for cars at the time. I thought it would be such a handy little device to have so I purchased one on Amazon and when it arrived I opened it, set it up and loved it. It has great quality picture and it is so easy to connect with. Navigation is very straightforward and it’s so easy to install games and apps! The remote works great too! Although it’s a great system it does have flaws. One of the main ones is the Prime setup. Honestly I think I am pretty good with most technical things but trying to find the free movies and TV shows on Prime is impossible for me. They are mixed in with all the ones you have to pay for and it would take hours to find a free show I would actually enjoy. I also found that after installing only five apps I was out of space and couldn’t install anything else, which is a huge issue for me personally. I also have had issues occasionally with connecting my Fire TV to Wi-Fi. It definitely isn’t! Other than those few issues I am in love with the product!” > Click here to purchase Amazon Fire TV <

Now that we have had such a great review about Amazon Fire TV, I actually think I should tell you my experience from using Chrome cast.


So once my brother purchased Chrome cast he set it up, which was super easy and didn’t take long at all. He then showed me how to use it and I was amazed at how easy it was! It streams videos from all my devices, even apple ones! The sound quality is always clear and in time with the great picture quality. Since the device is so small it’s easy to just keep out of the way and plugged into the back of the TV. Although like Amazon Fire TV it does have a few faults. One of the main ones is that you can’t actually stream videos from your camera roll to the TV. It is a little annoying when friends comes over and I want to show them a video of something and they have to watch it on my phone. Other than that one little issue Chrome cast works great for me! I have heard one or two stories about people receiving faulty Chrome casts but once they receive there new ones they love it. Really I absolutely love Chrome cast and definitely don’t regret buying it! That’s my opinion on Chrome cast anyway. Although you now know a few insights into what its like to own these devices, I definitely would recommend checking out the reviews on just to get a few extra opinions. > Click here to purchase Chromecast <

So I think both devices sound amazing! But what’s the difference between them. Well let’s find out! So first unlike Amazon Fire TV, Chrome cast has no remote! I think that Chrome cast probably doesn’t need a remote but it definitely could be a nice little extra. Customers say that both devices have very responsive streaming too. The chrome cast is definitely smaller and easier too keep hidden but in the end I think that depending on what you watch on your tv depends on what you should purchase. So if you are an Amazon Prime user then the Fire TV is definitely for you. If you would prefer to stream from multiple different websites though I think you should purchase Chrome cast, its easy to stream from any website. For example, Netflix and You tube are better and easier to stream on Chrome cast.


Thank you guys so much for tuning in today! I hope that I may have helped you make a decision in some small way. If you need to find out anything else check out or go and purchase one of these amazing media players on See you again in my next podcast where I will be talking about the boring topic of Cyber Safety, but you guys have requested it so I hope you enjoy it. See you next time.


> Click here for reviews, specs or to purchase Amazon Fire TV < > Click here for reviews, specs or to purchase Google Chromecast <

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