Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

This Bear Grylls ultimate knife is perfect for when you are camping! You can act just like Bear Grylls with this knife and survive in the wild. The 4.8inch blade is a perfect size for you backpack or even your pocket. This knife can do anything from cutting firewood to filleting fish. Its premium grade stainless steel means that it will never rust. A large, rubberised handle gives you a lot of grip in any conditions. here is also a oversized bolster where the handle and the blade meet stopping your hand slipping forward and cutting yourself. This knife is really easy to use and is perfect for your caravan. If you don’t go camping this knife s ideal to even have around the house because it can cut though thick rope, trees and just about anything.




Costumer Reviews

“This knife is perfect for camping because we can use if for anything from cutting firewood, to cutting up our food. I think that this product is perfect for its money”.

“The Emergency whistle is perfect because I always take my knife out when I go camping and so if I ever get stuck I will always have the whistle”.

“Everything described about the wonderful knife was even better when we received it! I am very pleased with this knife, its not first gerber thing i have bought and certainly wont be my last”.

“My husband loved it and it got shipped and came in one day”.


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