fmf silencer blaster review

Fmf have really gone all the way with this genuine Fmf pipe. They have out a standard Fmf pipe with an additional silencer attached. All put into an aluminium shell.

This muffler is perfect for any experienced rider looking for more power or a different sound/look! It is perfect for someone looking to start or ride their bike around in the back yard on a suburban block or anything like that, because this pipe makes the bike significantly quieter.

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  • Quieter use around close neighbourhoods
  • Looks great
  • Lets a great sound out

If you’re an experienced rider or even a beginner looking for good parts this would be a good pipe.

Through other reviews, people have been saying that they have had no problem with it and it performs well. Professional names also use this pipe to race motocross, trail, enduro.

Some of the people who have used this agree that the amount of power given when reaching power band and when under power band is adequate.

Pros Cons
  • Good for someone with small amounts of land, and who struggle to get out and ride with the neighbors on either side.
  • Expensive and not a practical buy for everyone.
 Expensive and not a practical buy for everyone.





88-06 YAMAHA BLASTER: FMF Powercore 2 SST Silencer – 2-Stroke



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