FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Slip-On

FMF (flying motorcycle company) is a very well known company in most countries, they are mainly known for their amazing work with exhaust systems no matter whether its headers or mufflers. They also make products to help with extra airflow. Out of all the aftermarket exhaust company’s FMF is one of the most recognised.

 This exhaust system will bring your old 4-stroke motorbike back to life. It has been proven to significantly raise the overall performance of the motorbike. It was designed for closed course competition but will work for anything; it however cannot be put on a road/trail bike because it will then not meet roadworthy standards. This system is one of the more affordable options as it only costs around $220-$300 Australian dollars. There have been many happy customers when it comes to this system. Amazon suggests that this model is to fit the following.

2001-2002 Yamaha YZ250F

2001-2002 Yamaha WR250F

 There are other versions of this exhaust that will work for other models.

 The system is easy to fit although if you are not so mechanically minded you can take it to a motorcycle dealer and they could do it for a small price.

 This is some of the features on the particular model

  • Much lighter than stock.
  • Overall increase in power and torque.
  • Advanced packing material for maximum life.
  • Champagne colour anodised can.
  • Removable spark arrestor included.
  • Optional 96db quiet insert available.

All comments that I have seen, on this product have been positive saying that it actually does what it says it will. I also believe that this is an exceptional product made by a brilliant company.

In the end you definitely cannot go wrong with this system. who can complain with increased power and torque and a cool new look. It also adds value to the bike. It makes the entire ride come to life as if there was a brand new engine in it. There are other companies that will provide a similar system but none will be just as good.

FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Spark Arrestor Slip-On , Color: Natural, Material: Stainless Steel 044014

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