Exercise, Running Experience, What To Buy?

Exercise Apparel:

For the best possible exercise experience, you need to have three main specifics. Comfort, support and entertainment . The first thing you need to be is comfortable. You can wear any pants you find comfortable but shoes and shirts are the most important. Your shoes must be both supportive and comfortable.  I use Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Running Shoes. You can purchase them on amazon here Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit. Prices range from $66.23 – $360.00. After reading through the customer reviews we have found some really positive review which are focused on the shoes comfort and colours. Most customers have been really impressed with how light and supportive they are but all customers are really impressed with the delivery time.

Nike free Run 4.0 Flyknit Men


A full review video on the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Running shoes.


To have the best possible comfort whilst exercising you need to buy a decent exercise shirt. The most comfortable and best suited shirts for men are Russell Athletic Big & Tall Dri-Power Performance T-Shirt. These shirts are the most comfortable and come in a large variety of colours and sizing. The only criticisms on the customer reviews are that the sizes for extreme body varieties the sizing could be not exactly right. For the comfort and price even if the shirt doesn’t fit it exactly write it will still be comfortable and wearable, if not you can always return it for free. The shirts come in a variety of colours, all shirts are fully polyester and prices range from $18.77 – $28.00, purchase can be made at Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Performance shirts



Exercise Music and Entertainment:

To enjoy your workout/exercise the most or if your are a person who easily gets board or distracted, music is an amazing tool to have whilst your workout. Music not only gets you occupied whilst you work and or rest. It is also an amazing way to get motivation to continue and work harder. To optimise your music experience you need to have high quality earphones that above all els they need to be able to stay in your ears. There is nothing worse than having your earphones constantly falling out and you having to stick them back in every minute or so. The soundwhiz W18 sweatproof bluetooth wireless sports headphones. Just like the name suggests they are bluetooth and wireless, so you don’t need to have your phone near you whilst you exercise so it can’t get damaged. The headphones are also sweat proof so they won’t rust or get water damaged. The headphones are priced at $50- $70 with free shipping on Amazon available here SoundWhiz Wireless Sports Headphones. All though the headphones may be considered expensive they are well worth the money as they will not get damaged and last a long time. The headphones have great customer reviews such as “I have wired headphones that I like to use from time to time but I also love having bluetooth headphones for example when working out. These hands down are probably the best earbuds I have had!”

If you make these few simple purchases then your next workout/exercise experience will be so much more comfortable and fun. You will enjoy your experience and do so comfortably, cool and supported in your new workout shirts and shoes. You be the most fashionable and the comfortable in the whole gym.

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